11 minute read · November 23, 2021

Dremio, AWS, and the Power of Partnership

Roger Frey

Roger Frey · Vice President of Alliances, Dremio

It’s almost here! AWS re:Invent is less than a week away! While many of us are thinking about Thanksgiving, the Dremio team and I are counting down the hours and finishing up on our last remaining items until the start of the most important cloud conference of the year. Super excited that Dremio is an AWS re:Invent Gold Sponsor, and we’re located in Booth #603!

In just a few short days, tens of thousands of people will descend upon the oasis in the desert known as Las Vegas to learn, network, and have fun! As the Dremio team prepares to join in the action of the conference, I wanted to take a moment to highlight why I am so personally excited about AWS re:Invent.

And, since this is the 10th anniversary of AWS re:Invent, here are my 10 Reasons Why I’m Excited About AWS re:Invent!

  1. Our Customers - Our customers are truly awesome and amazing, and they are doing incredible things with Dremio platform to drive insights and value from their data, including powering their mission-critical supply chain dashboards, leveraging IoT data from energy sources like windmill farms and other renewable energy sources, and gaining insights on their respective organizations’ financial and trading data. Without our customers, Dremio has no business - thank you to all of our customers who have placed their trust in Dremio!
  2. The Dremio & AWS Partnership - Dremio and AWS have built a strong and special partnership focused on delighting our mutual customers, and helping them solve their complex data challenges. Dremio is an AWS Advanced Tier Technology Partner with a Data & Analytics competency, an AWS Global Startup Partner, and an AWS CPPO/SPPO partner. Dremio is also available in the AWS Marketplace, where customers can easily try the Dremio Community Edition at no cost!As we look back on 2021, we’ve done a lot with AWS to enable our customers to drive value from their data residing on AWS S3. Below are some of the highlights:
    1. AWS SaaS Factory blog on our launch of Dremio Cloud
    2. Top 10 Dremio & AWS Best Practices for Data Lakes webinar
    3. APN blog on how Data Lakes Drive Decisions, with Mai-Lan Tomsen Bukovec, VP, Block & Object Storage, AWS
    4. Kevin Miller, VP & General Manager, AWS S3, Subsurface Keynote
    5. Roy Hasson, Principal Product Manager, AWS Glue & Lake Formation, Subsurface Session: Best Practices for Building Data Lakes on AWS
    6. Dremio for AWS whitepaper

    The above are just some examples of the work Dremio and AWS have done together to enable our customers to drive enterprise-class business intelligence and data analytics on their AWS S3 data lakes. I’m not only excited about where our partnership is today, but also about how it’s continuing to grow and evolve to help our customers do more with their data!

  3. Launch & Adoption of Dremio Cloud - At Subsurface Summer 2021, Dremio announced the limited availability of Dremio Cloud, a fully-managed SQL lakehouse platform. Dremio Cloud makes it even easier for our customers to operate high-performing BI dashboards and do interactive analytics directly on their AWS S3 data lakes. Over the past several months, our customers and partners have begun their journey with Dremio Cloud, and their feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.Dremio Cloud is unique in that while it’s a fully-managed SaaS solution, data stays in the customer’s own AWS account, enabling them to maintain complete control of their data while leaving the software installation, configuration and management to Dremio. With Dremio Cloud, users can query data directly on their S3 data lake without having to copy or move data, greatly reducing complexity and increasing the security of their data. Dremio Cloud represents the next logical step in our company’s journey to enable our customers to drive value from their data quickly and easily.
  4. Dremio Integration with AWS Services - Dremio integrates with and supports numerous AWS services, reducing the complexity and expense of traditional data analytics architectures. Dremio’s ability to enable users to connect to AWS S3 data and query it directly, without having to move or copy it, drastically reduces operational complexity and cost, enabling our customers to gain insights on their data much faster and much more easily.For example, Dremio natively connects to AWS SageMaker, enabling users to perform BI and data analytics directly on their AWS S3 data lake. Using Dremio’s AWS CloudFormation Template in the AWS Marketplace, users can easily deploy and elastically scale Dremio on AWS EC2 instances. Unique to AWS, Dremio enables users to auto start and stop EC2 instances based on user and/or query demand, enabling customers to enjoy up to 60% in EC2 savings!Lastly, we recently announced our integration with AWS Lake Formation, enabling ​​customers to leverage access permissions defined in AWS Lake Formation to provide secure access to Glue datasets.
  5. Dremio Sponsorship of AWS re:Invent - AWS re:Invent is by far Dremio’s biggest partner event of the year, and I’m super-excited that Dremio is a Gold Sponsor. We look forward to meeting with as many customers and partners as possible to help them better understand the value Dremio provides. In addition to our sponsorship, we’re also participating in TheCube interview, featuring our co-founder & CPO, Tomer Shiran, as well as hosting a lot of customer and partner meetings. We are going BIG this year!
  6. Dremio Partners at AWS re:Invent - It’s been three months since we launched the Dremio Partner Network featuring our Cloud, Technology, and Consulting & SI Partners. Since our launch, we’ve done a ton of work with our Partners to build joint solutions that extend the value of Dremio to our mutual customers.Many of our Partners will be at re:Invent showcasing our joint solutions with Dremio. These Partners include Interworks, Okera, Privacera, StreamSets, Tableau Software, Upsolver, and many others.At AWS re:Invent, Dremio and our Partners will be running a fun Partner Scavenger Hunt where participants can win a $600 Priority Bicycles gift certificate! We also have Partners who will be joining us in our booth to present on their joint solutions with Dremio. Stop by Booth #603 to sign up for the scavenger hunt and to see when our Partners will be presenting.
  7. Dremio Sessions at AWS re:Invent - One of the best things about AWS re:Invent is to learn new things and enjoy the variety and quality of breakout sessions. This year is no different, and I’m really excited that Dremio has two sessions.Our first session, “Power Mission-Critical BI on Data Lakes with Dremio Cloud”, is a Theater Session on Tuesday, 11/30, at 12:35pm, in the Atlas Partner Theater, in the Venetian Hotel. This is a great opportunity to hear Brett Roberts, Principal Solutions Architect, Dremio, provide an overview and demo of Dremio.Our second session, “Designing the Right Data Strategy for Your Startup”, is a Chalk Talk where Jason Hughes, Product Director, Dremio, will discuss how to build and execute on a data analytics strategy with AWS, and how to do interactive BI directly on S3. This session is on 12/2, at 12:15pm, in the Wynn Hotel.
  8. Dremio’s Booth at re:Invent - As I mentioned earlier, we have a lot of exciting things planned at our Dremio booth! In addition to our Partner Scavenger Hunt and solutions demos, we have an all-star team of Dremio product and technical experts who will be diving deep into Dremio, and showcasing how we integrate with AWS services including SageMaker, Lake Formation and Glue.We’ll also be giving away some great items, including North Face vests! Dremio is at Booth #603, and we’re located near the AWS Marketplace booth. Be sure to stop by and chat with a Dremio technical expert!
  9. Dremio Consulting & SI Partner Ecosystem - Since launching the Dremio Partner Network earlier this year, the reach and scale of our Consulting & SI Partner ecosystem continues to grow. We couldn’t be more excited to align with AWS to identify, onboard, and recruit some of the most strategic ecosystem partners to jointly go-to-market.Our partners are working diligently to deepen their knowledge of Dremio, but they already have deep industry expertise across data architecture & modernization, digital transformation, advanced analytics & business intelligence. If you’re interested in joining our partner ecosystem, check out the Dremio Partner Network, or reach out to Shannon St. Clair, our Sr. Director of Channel & SI Partnerships, to learn more.
  10. The Human Aspect of AWS Re:Invent - As we all know, it’s been a very challenging time with COVID. Many of us haven’t seen our work colleagues, partners, and customers in-person for many, many months. As a company, it was really important for Dremio to be at AWS re:Invent to give us the opportunity to meet with all of you, and to connect live and in-person.The Dremio team and I are so excited to safely connect with you and talk about what we can do together at re:Invent! The energy and enthusiasm we’ve seen by our customers and partners to be at AWS re:Invent in person is palpable and real. We can’t wait!The Dremio team and I encourage all of you to check out our sessions and to stop by Booth #603 to say hi, enter our Partner Scavenger Hunt, and learn more about how Dremio can help accelerate time to insight and make AWS S3 your data warehouse.And, in the next few months, we’ll be making more announcements about our partnerships and Dremio Cloud, so stay tuned and save February 9th &10th, 2022, for the winter Subsurface LIVE Winter 2022 conference and we’ll fill you in on what’s coming! For those interested in presenting on data and data lake-related topics, please submit your proposal here!Lastly, If you’d like to reach out to me directly, I’m at [email protected]. Safe travels and we’ll see you in Vegas!

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