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Analytic insight at everyone's fingertips

Deliver seamless self-service access across all your data to accelerate speed to insight across the business. With intuitive capabilities for SQL developers, data analysts, and data scientists, Dremio Self-Service Analytics speed you from data to insight

Connections to multiple data views

Consistent, collaborative data views in the language of business

Dremio Views make it easy to collaborate on data and analytics projects. You can build and share flexible views across all of your in the cloud, across clouds, or on-premise with just a few clicks - and, because Dremio analyzes your data where it lives, with no data movement. All views can also be governed, so it's easy to securely share and collaborate organization-wide.

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SQL authoring for developers and analysts

Generate, edit, and manage SQL using code and no-code tools. SQL developers can write SQL using SQL prompts or directly in the Dremio SQL Runner. Intuitive drag-and-drop tools make it easy for non-SQL writers to quickly generate SQL queries across all data. Queries and views can be easily saved, governed, and shared.

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sql query code
text to sql code generation

A query as easy as a question with text-to-SQL using Generative AI

Harness the power of Generative AI for seamless data analysis. Dremio's text-to-SQL capabilities allows anyone to write queries using natural language, making it easier and more intuitive to interact with the data. Type a simple question, and Dremio generates fast, accurate SQL to query any of your data.

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Your Business Intelligence tools your way

Analyze your data with your preferred BI tools. Dremio's one-click Tableau and Power BI integrations let you build dashboards in seconds. Dremio also connects to BI tools via ODBC and JDBC connection. Data scientists can analyze data with integrated Jupyter notebooks. And, no matter how you analyze your data, you'll never need cubes, extracts, or imports.

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sql code, connections and business intelligence tools

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