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Dremio's innovative query acceleration technology - called Reflections - delivers near-instantaneous BI performance across all of your data. Reflections are effortless to use, saving time and reducing cost.

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A paradigm shift for query acceleration

A Reflection is an optimized relational cache of source data that can be used to speed-up data processing. Dremio's query optimizer can accelerate a query against tables or Views by using one or more Reflections to partially or entirely satisfy that query, eliminating the need to process all of the raw data in the underlying data sources. Queries do not need to reference Reflections directly. Instead, Dremio rewrites queries on the fly to use matching Reflections, delivering near-instantaneous query results and reduced compute cost.

Simple to create: Build your own or use Reflection Recommender

Reflections can be configured easily through the Dremio Semantic Layer. You can create them to accelerate common SQL aggregations or for raw Reflections across table joins or unoptimized data. Reflection Recommender simplifies Reflection creation by generating precise, recommended Reflections for queries you select. Reflection Recommender eliminates query and workload analysis, ensuring the fastest, most intelligent query accelerations are only a few keystrokes away.

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Seamless, effortless acceleration for data users

Once a Reflection has been created, it works transparently for data users. Users don't need to engage in any complex steps to accelerate their queries. They simply query their desired tables and Views, and the Dremio query optimizer automatically analyzes existing Reflections for query matches in the background.

Easy to manage and maintain

Reflections are easy to administer. As data changes, Intelligent Reflections Refresh optimize data updates by identifying incremental data changes, making refreshes faster and more cost-effective. A Reflection can also be fully refreshed as needed. Reflections also offer comprehensive observability, so it's easy to understand frequency of use, timeliness of refreshes, and what queries are using a Reflection, and more.

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