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Dremio Cloud

Our Standard Edition is everything you need to successfully build, automate, and query your lakehouse in production. Or check out our Enterprise Edition for security and support for large-scale lakehouse environments.
Free forever!
  • Fully-managed lakehouse platform
  • Global control plane
  • Infinite scale and concurrency
  • Self-service data curation and sharing
  • Built-in governance and lineage
  • Transparent query acceleration
  • SQL DML on the lakehouse
  • Analyze data in external sources
  • Best-in-class BI tool integration
  • Data encrypted in motion
  • Audit logs
  • Social identity provider integration
  • SOC 2 Type 2
  • ISO 27001
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • Community Support
  • Everything in Standard, plus…
  • Enterprise identity provider integration
  • Data masking
  • SCIM synchronization
  • Support Options Available

A Dremio Consumption Unit (DCU) is the unit used to measure consumption on the Dremio platform. The number of DCUs consumed is based on compute engine size and processing time, with processing time measured on a per-second basis.The price listed represents on-demand pricing for the Dremio Cloud platform only. It does not include the cost of any required cloud infrastructure, e.g. Amazon EC2 instances. Please contact Dremio for additional pricing options.

Dremio Software

Run Dremio Enterprise anywhere on your own infrastructure
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Capabilities Overview
Platform Dremio Cloud Dremio Software
Edition Standard (Free) Enterprise Community Enterprise
Everything needed to build, automate, and query your lakehouse in production Enterprise security and support for large-scale lakehouse environments Freedom to run Dremio Community Edition on your own infrastructure Freedom to run Dremio Enterprise anywhere on your own infrastructure
Cloud Service
Fully-managed service
Infinite scale
Global control plane for multi-cloud
Dremio Community Support
Dremio Support (8x5)
Governed, Self-Service Experience
Semantic layer
Data curation
Data sharing
Data lineage
Data encrypted in motion
Audit logs
RBAC with built-in roles
Custom roles
Table & column level policies
Data masking policies
IP whitelisting
Identity Management & Authentication
Local Identities
Social IdP Integration (e.g., GSuite, Microsoft, GitHub)
Enterprise IdP Integration (e.g., Azure AD, Okta)
SCIM synchronization
Integration with external policy providers (e.g., Privacera)
Personal Access Tokens
External token providers
Regulatory Compliance
SOC 2 Type 2
ISO 27001
HIPAA Compliant

Query engine features

Data Sources
Analyze data stored in cloud data lake storage (e.g., S3, ADLS, GCS)
Native support for structured and unstructured file formats (e.g., Parquet, CSV, JSON)
Native support for table formats (e.g., Apache Iceberg/Delta Lake)
Analyze data stored in RDBMS/NoSQL sources
SQL Support, Performance, and Scalability
Transparent query acceleration
Reflection management
Cost-based optimizer
Workload management
Multi-engine architecture
Engine replicas (scale-out for concurrency)
Automatically scale up/down and pause engines
Interfaces and Client Connectivity
Native integrations with Tableau and Power BI
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