Universal Semantic Layer

A single, verified version of your data to drive insights

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Data that speaks the language of business

Dremio's Universal Semantic Layer delivers consistent, collaborative, governed access across all your data

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Curate a virtual data set with no data movement

It's easy to build views, virtual data sets, and even virtual data marts across all of your data sources with Dremio's Universal Semantic layer. Users have self-service access to analyze across data sets in the language of the business, with no ETL.

Intuitive business and technical metadata help put data to work

Gain a deeper understanding of curated data sets and views with user-generated wikis and dataset definitions that make it easier to understand and collaborate on data projects. Wikis also include detailed column descriptions and can be automatically updated using REST API.

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Tags on data

Easily label, search for, and discover your data

Data sets and views can be labeled for search and discovery both manually and using GenAI. And, Dremio's centralized, scalable data governance ensures that role and user-based permissions are applied from the data source up, so the right users have access to the right data.

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