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Unify and activate your data for fast analytic insight no matter where it lives

Drive business insight and innovation by putting all of your data to work. Dremio delivers streamlined self-service analytics for all of your users, making it easy to move from data to insight.

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Self-Service Analytics for data-driven innovation

Dremio delivers seamless unified data access with data visualization, federation, and interactive analytics across all your data. With tailored tools for all users, Dremio delivers easy-to-use no-code analytics for business analysts, robust SQL capabilities for SQL developers, and tight notebook integration for data scientists.

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Consistent, collaborative data with a Universal Semantic Layer

Your data needs to speak the language of your business. Dremio's Universal Semantic Layer makes it easy to define a consistent and secure view of data and business metadata that can be understood and applied by all of your users. Curate, analyze, and share intuitive data views for consistent and collaborative data projects.

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Centralized data governance to balance data access and control

Simplify and scale data governance across organizational boundaries with intuitive tools for all users. Apply role-based and fine-grained access control at every level, from raw data sources to shared and governed data views. Comprehensive access auditing and lineage create clarity on how data is being used.

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Frictionless connector integrations for all your data

Dremio lets you analyze all of your data where it lives - with no data movement. Our connector ecosystem features dozens of integrations with an array of sources, including object storage, metastores, and databases in the cloud and on premises. Dremio is also globally supported by the Dremio Partner Network, delivering integrations across data governance, data cataloging, identity management providers, and more.

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