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Get Started

Dremio Software is our SQL lakehouse platform for high performance BI directly on cloud data lake storage. Eliminate expensive, risky data copies and movement into proprietary warehouses, and use best-of-breed tools on an open data architecture.

If you’d like to enter the limited availability of Dremio Cloud, our fully-managed SQL lakehouse platform, sign up for the waitlist below!

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Dremio Cloud

A fully managed SQL lakehouse platform — no need to install software, configure infrastructure or perform complex sizing exercises. Dremio Cloud automatically scales to deliver the performance and cost-efficiency you need to query directly on your cloud data lake. Watch Demo

Dremio Software

Deploy and run Dremio anywhere — AWS, Azure or in your environment. Enable high-performing BI dashboards and interactive analytics directly on your data lake, and eliminate the need for data warehouses.
Test Drive
Try Dremio Software in a hosted container, pre-loaded with sample data

Deploy Dremio Today

Launch Dremio in your AWS account and start querying your data in minutes with Dremio AWS Edition. Get lightning-fast performance without having to move your data into a data warehouse. With multiple engines that start and stop automatically, Dremio AWS Edition drastically reduces your infrastructure costs.