Dremio Iceberg Data Catalog

A Modern Catalog for Apache Iceberg

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Modern. Open. Built on Apache Iceberg.

The Dremio Data Catalog is Apache Iceberg native, and offers advanced data lakehouse management supporting large-scale datasets for high-performance analytics and business intelligence.

A Modern Data Catalog built on 
Apache Iceberg

Apache Iceberg is quickly becoming the dominant open table format for the lakehouse. Dremio's Modern Data Catalog is built using Project Nessie, and designed natively for Iceberg. The data catalog lets you take full advantage of Iceberg capabilities, including DML and data optimization. You can also use a variety of Iceberg-compatible engines, including the Dremio SQL Query Engine, Spark, and Flink.

Simplified Lakehouse management with automated optimization

Eliminate tedious lakehouse management tasks. Dremio's Data Catalog automates data management tasks to simplify and error-proof data management, including automatic compaction and table clean-up to optimize query performance and minimize storage costs.

Designed for governed data sharing and data mesh

Dremio's Iceberg-native data catalog lets you manage multiple isolated domains or catalogs across an organization. Each domain or catalog contains a folder hierarchy of tables and views. Data owners can easily apply centralized governance with fine-grained access control across each domain or to the components of a domain for confident federated ownership and data sharing.

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