Centralized Data Governance to Balance Access Control

Streamline and scale data governance to reduce risk and improve access

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Simplifying Data Governance from the ground up

Build data governance into the fabric of every data project. Dremio makes it easy to apply governance at scale, from data sources to your data catalogs, views, and semantic layer.

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Scale permissions quickly with role-based access control

Role-based access control (RBAC) lets you define access to every object across the Dremio Semantic Layer and Data Catalog. RBAC makes it easy to apply precise privileges to specific roles across the organization for secure access to the right data.

Ensure privilege precision with fine-grained access control

When you need precise data control, Dremio supports fine-grained access control (FGAC) at the row and column level. You can specify column-masking and row-access policies, and set row and column policies on tables and views for your data sources.

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Comprehensive auditing for across data and queries

Dremio's robust auditing functionalities provide detailed records of every SQL query - both in the Dremio user interface or from BI tools - as well as auditing for data interaction, and View modification. Dremio also tracks downstream derivative Views as they are created. This audit history helps ensure data security and regulatory compliance by monitoring when, how, and by whom changes are made.

End-to-end data lineage

Dremio's extensive data lineage capabilities make it easy to retrieve via API or view in the Dremio user interface the full data lineage for all of your datasets and queries, including data sources, parent and child objects. With Dremio data lineage, you enhance data use transparency and increase the understanding of your data's journey.

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Unified Identity Management and SSO

Dremio supports integration with Identity Providers such as Okta, and Single-Sign-On systems like Azure Active Directory and OpenID. These seamless integrations enhance security and user management by ensuring consistent identity verification and simplifying the login process.

Extensive Compliance and Security framework support

Data is one of your most valuable assets – that’s why security is built into every layer of Dremio. Dremio's extensive support for compliance frameworks help you meet your regulatory requirements. Dremio meets the Information Security control requirements for critical compliance frameworks and certifications, including HIPAA, SOC 2 Type 2, and ISO 27001.

Learn more about Dremio's Information Security support ‑>

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