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Make Big Data Feel Small

Dremio makes your data easy, approachable, and interactive, no matter how many terabytes, no matter where it's stored. Dremio optimizes your data so you don't have to.

Bring Agility to Your Analytics

No ETL, no data warehouse, no aggregation tables, no BI extracts. Dremio transparently enables unprecedented time to insight.

Your Data, Your Tools, Only Better

Connects modern and traditional datastores to your favorite BI and data science tools. Dremio simplifies and accelerates your analytics.

Embrace Self Service, With Full Control

Dremio helps your teams help themselves, while extending your governance and security controls.

Open Source, For Everyone

Designed to be your default for powering analytics across all your data, and licensed to become everyone’s standard.

Makes your data, analysts, and data scientists faster.

Dremio makes all your data self service. Run SQL from any tool against data from any source, accelerated by Dremio.

  • Democratize all your data

    Dremio accelerates analytics for all data, including databases, Hadoop, NoSQL, and file systems.

  • Make your teams more productive

    Empower your data engineers, analysts, and data scientists to discover, curate, and share, instantly.

  • Accelerate your favorite tools

    Dremio makes all your favorite tools better, including Tableau, Power BI, and Qlik, as well as Python, and R.

  • Self service, for everybody

    Anyone should be able to work with data, and Dremio makes it easy for everybody.

Accelerates Modern Data for Any Tool

No matter where your data lives, Dremio makes it fast, scalable, and fully accessible by any SQL tool.

Data Loves Dremio

Your teams work with data, and Dremio makes them more productive. See why Data Scientists, Analysts, and Data Engineers love Dremio too.


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