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The Data Lake Engine

Dremio delivers lightning-fast queries and a self-service semantic layer directly on your data lake storage. No moving data to proprietary data warehouses, no cubes, no aggregation tables or extracts. Just flexibility and control for data architects, and self-service for data consumers.

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Dremio's architecture

A data lake engine operationalizes your data lake. Dremio provides an Apache Arrow-based query and acceleration engine together with the ability to create an IT-governed self-service layer for data scientists and analysts.

What's a data lake engine?


Dremio’s easy to deploy – Azure, AWS, or on-prem. Our community edition is free to use so you can get started with Dremio right away.


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Everyone runs into situations where they need help, and being open source means there are more resources to find the help you need. This includes Dremio University, our documentation, and our community site.

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