Modernize Cloud Data Warehouse to an Open Data Lakehouse

Unified, self-service analytics and semantic layer for your data lake

Organizations Building Data Lakehouses with Dremio

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What is a Data Lakehouse?

A data lakehouse is an architectural approach that combines the performance, functionality, and governance of a data warehouse with the scalability, flexibility,  and cost advantages of a data lake.

With open table formats like Apache Iceberg, you can operate directly over your data in the data lakehouse as you would with SQL tables. Open formats let you future-proof your data architecture without locking your data into proprietary warehouse formats or requiring endless data copies to support complex ETL processes.

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Why Dremio for your Data Lakehouse?

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Unified Analytics for Self-Service

A single universal access layer for data consumers to build business metrics and virtual data marts with zero ETL.

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SQL Engine

Best price-performance data lakehouse engine, delivering up to 45% faster performance than the leading cloud data warehouse.

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Easy Data Lakehouse Management

Complete data lakehouse management with an intelligent Iceberg data catalog, automatic data optimization, and Data as Code experience.

Deliver Analytics in A Single Place

Dremio is the only data lakehouse solution that meets technology leaders at all stages of their data maturity journey. We help enterprises deliver faster access to their data and reduce the cost of cloud data warehouses.

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SQL Query Engine

Bring your existing SQL data warehouse skill sets to the data lakehouse. Dremio’s SQL lakehouse engine supports DML, DDL, schema and partition evolution, time travel, and more.

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Universal Semantic Layer

A single access layer to govern and make decisions about how enterprise data is used for self-service. Dremio’s universal semantic layer allows teams to build and share data products from one place.

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Query Acceleration

Supercharge your business intelligence dashboards without creating materialized views, data marts, or copying into expensive BI extracts. Powered by Reflections, accelerate analytics insight across the data lakehouse and relational databases while reducing your total cost of ownership.

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Intelligent Data Catalog

Manage all of your data sources in the cloud and on-premises, including full data lineage. Empower data consumers to discover, access, and leverage data products on their own with self-service capabilities like search, tags, and wikis.

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Lakehouse Management

Automate tedious data management tasks in the data lakehouse. Dremio’s lakehouse catalog manages your Apache Iceberg metadata, and automatically optimizes and cleans up your files to ensure high-performance queries and reduced storage costs.

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Next-Gen DataOps with Data as Code

Use Git-inspired versioning to deliver a consistent and accurate view of your data. Spin-up isolated, zero-copy clones of production data in seconds for development, testing, data science, experimentation, and more. Drop or merge changes atomically to ensure consistency for production users, and easily recover from mistakes with effortless rollback.

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See Dremio in Action

Learn how to reduce cloud data warehouse total cost of ownership by 52% with Dremio

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Warehouse to Lakehouse Migration Playbook

A guide for modernizing cloud data warehouse to an open data lakehouse with Dremio

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The State of the Data Lakehouse

This 2-hour virtual event is designed to provide data leaders with market data and expert insights to help them benchmark their organization against peers and determine the 2024 initiatives that are likely to drive successful outcomes for the business. Learn about the state of the lakehouse, table format, data mesh, and AI adoption.

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Bringing the Semantic Layer to Life

In this blog, learn how Dremio's universal semantic layer makes self-service over your data lakehouse easy.

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