Decentralizing Data Access at Galp – The role of Dremio in Driving A Data Mesh Paradigm

Galp data strategy is built upon the pillar of democratizing data access and analytics, promoting decentralization when it comes to data product development. As the democratization of data access continues to grow, and data becomes a central component of our business operations, more functional teams are involved in data and analytics management with the aim of simplifying and expediting decision-making processes. From the beginning, Galp’s strategy has implemented around the adoption of a decentralized data architecture, where the Ulysses platform (Galp Enterprise Data Hub) serves as the central piece managed by our data engineering team, but with analytics and data science teams distributed across various business areas.

Dremio supports our entire strategy concerning self-service data exploration and analytics, allowing access to our hub’s data and federating other data sources, all in a performant, secure, and governed manner. We anticipate an increase in the organization’s data literacy, and in the near future, we hope to move towards data mesh concepts, with Dremio being one of the components that will enable us to accelerate the adoption of this organizational data paradigm.

Watch this video session at Big Data London 2023 with Bruno Roque, Head of Data Engineer at Galp and Guillaume Riflet, Data Engineer at Galp, where they will share their collective expertise. Join them to gain valuable insights into Galp’s data journey, learn about innovative data strategies, and discover how their partnership with Dremio has transformed data accessibility and analytics in the energy industry.io


Guillaume Riflet

Guillaume Riflet

Guillaume Riflet is not only a dynamic Data Engineer at Galp but also a proud double dad, juggling the exciting world of data with the joys of parenthood. Hailing from Portugal, Guillaume brings a unique blend of technical expertise and life experiences to the forefront.

With a background as a former researcher in numerical modeling of coastal hydrodynamics, Guillaume’s journey into data engineering has been shaped by a deep understanding of complex systems. Today, he applies that analytical mindset to the energy sector, where he plays a vital role in crafting Galp’s data strategy.

Guillaume excels in building and optimizing data platforms, focusing on performance, security, and governance. He has been a driving force behind the successful implementation of Galp’s Enterprise Data Hub, a critical component of their decentralized data architecture.

Beyond his technical prowess, Guillaume is a passionate advocate for data literacy and the adoption of cutting-edge data management paradigms, such as the data mesh.

As a speaker at the Big Data Conference, Guillaume will offer insights into Galp’s data journey, emphasizing how Dremio has helped to comply with their data strategy.

Bruno Roque

Bruno Roque

Bruno Roque is the Head of Data Engineering at Galp, a prominent energy company in Portugal. With a stellar track record in the field of data engineering, Bruno leads the charge in developing and implementing innovative data strategies that drive Galp’s success.

Bruno’s journey in data engineering is marked by a deep commitment to harnessing the power of data for informed decision-making. As the leader of the data engineering team, he plays a critical role in shaping the company’s data infrastructure and strategy, ensuring it aligns with Galp’s business goals.

Bruno brings a wealth of experience in optimizing data platforms, with a relentless focus on performance, security, and governance. His visionary leadership has been instrumental in the seamless integration of Galp’s Enterprise Data Hub, a central piece of their decentralized data architecture.

In addition to his technical prowess, Bruno is passionate about fostering a culture of data literacy within the organization. He believes that empowering teams with data-driven insights is key to unlocking Galp’s full potential.

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