The Dremio Lakehouse Platform

Build, automate, and query your lakehouse with a platform that data engineers and data analysts love.

The lakehouse platform
that data teams love

Built for SQL

Bring all the performance and functionality of a data warehouse to the data lake, and support all SQL workloads from mission-critical BI dashboards to exploratory workloads.

Give self-service data access to anyone who knows SQL, so they can make better business decisions. Continue to use your favorite BI tools, and drive interactive dashboards on fresher data.

A Git-like experience

Simplify data engineering by making data workflows as powerful and intuitive as working with source code. Use git-like branching, merging, and tagging to experiment with data without impacting production workloads or creating physical copies of data.

Automate data management tasks for the lakehouse and focus on data delivery instead of maintenance.

Open and forever-free

Build an open architecture that provides the flexibility to choose best-of-breed analytics technologies both today and tomorrow, improves time to insights, and simplifies data governance and security.

Bring your data and your queries, and we’ll meet you anywhere on your journey. You’ll get all you need to successfully build, automate, and query your lakehouse in production, all for free!

Build the foundation for an open architecture

Use your favorite tools, easily integrate with your landscape and adopt future innovations.

  • Closed
  • Open
closed data architecture
  • Can’t use multiple engines on the same data or use cases
  • Limited to functionality of one engine
  • Can't adopt new technologies in the future because of vendor lock-in
open data architecture 1
  • Flexibility to use multiple best-of-breed engines on the same data and use cases
  • Easily adopt additional engines today
  • Easily leverage new engines that may emerge in future — simply point them at your data!

SQL and data management for the lakehouse

  • Dremio Sonar

    A SQL engine for open platforms that provides data warehouse-level performance and capabilities on the data lake, and a self-service experience that makes data consumable and collaborative.

    Learn more about Sonar
  • Dremio Arctic

    An intelligent metastore for Apache Iceberg that uniquely provides users a Git-like experience for data and automatically optimizes data to ensure high performance analytics.

    Learn more about Arctic

“Dremio bridges the data warehouse and the data lake, enabling NCR to derive more value between the two data sources.”

Ivan Alvarez IT Vice President, Big Data and Analytics at NCR Corporation

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