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The world’s most data-driven organizations use Dremio to deliver self-service analytics on the lakehouse.

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Leap boosts productivity and accelerates growth with self-service access to energy data

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eMAG is using Dremio as their query engine to make data from disparate data sources quickly available for analysis

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Vitesco improves manufacturing processes and engineering productivity with self-service, role-based access to data

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"We have a lot of data about our customers – but without the right processes and tools it is neutral and represents unused business potential. With Dremio, we integrated an important tool for our digital strategy that can solve many problems by making our data treasure available and accessible."

Martin Slawik

Head of CRM IT & Digital Technologies, Parfümerie Douglas GmbH & CO. KG

“Any data we put in our data lake is immediately accessible. It’s now our single data source for our business users, engineers and customers…I can’t imagine running our business without Dremio. We are extremely pleased and plan to continue building on it.”

Matt Knoop
Director of Data Science and Analytics, AP Intego

“Our new Dremio-powered data screening service is giving us an average of over 90% performance improvement over our previous screening method. In one scenario, a query that took 30-50 seconds is now completing in less than 2 seconds.”

Matt Topol
Vice President, Principal Software Architect, FactSet

“Today our data quality is much higher, and the facts are clearer. We can leverage data across different functions, which we were not able to do before. When you have this capability, you can generate valuable insights to bridge the gap between supply chain planning and production. End users immediately noticed the increase in query speed. It was so much faster that some people thought we must be dropping some data or searching through less data.”

Tarun Rana
Corporate Senior Manager Digital Transformation, Henkel

“Where it can be expressed simply in SQL, Dremio will not be beaten…It’s given us this enterprise-wide semantic layer facilitating us to have a data mesh architecture on the lake. And on top of that we have happy engineers…Been waiting for a tool like Dremio for the last 15 years of my data career.”

Andy Kenna
SVP and Head of Data, RenaissanceRe

“Dremio Cloud is a great solution for us as it lets us focus on our core expertise, while getting access to the latest Dremio features without any administration or IT operations management on our side.”

Geert-Jan Van Den Bogaerde
Chief Technology Officer, Garvis

“Our teams were split by technology. They relied on reports but creating a report took so long that when it was finally available, the information was outdated. With Dremio, all users have access to the latest data and can act on opportunities in an instant.”

Laurentiu Matei
BI and ERP Director, eMAG

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"Dremio gets rid of all the technical barriers to accessing data. What now takes 20 seconds might have previously required a day of work. It was amazing how quickly productivity improved when analysts could quickly and easily query and organize data themselves."

Marco Rietveld
Lead Data Engineer, Leap Energy

“With Dremio, we are able to reach the source of truth of the data for analytical access, without data replication. This is a crucial aspect for us…We are among the first companies with this dimension and complexity to implement a data mesh architecture. Agile Lab and Dremio have been important for us to reach these results.”

Achille Barbieri
Senior Project Manager, Enel

“We were drawn to Dremio Cloud for its performance at scale, and the ability of the semantic layer to provide easy, efficient access to our data in Amazon S3”

Angelo Slawik
Data Engineer at Moonfare

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