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Organizations around the world rely on the Dremio cloud data lake engine to power their data lakes.

Featured Use Cases

Accelerating insights to improve supply chain efficiencies

Henkel uses the Dremio data lake engine to join data silos, accelerate business insights and save millions through productivity improvements in their global supply chain.

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Building a data lake for a $1T organization

NewWave, a premier technology partner for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, engages Dremio and Microsoft Azure to build a responsive, secure data lake for extremely large datasets.

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InCrowd gains dramatic visibility into data

Leveraging Dremio and Tableau, InCrowd creates a single, high-performance, 360° customer view across multiple data sources in order to offer their sports clients deeper insights and personalized fan experiences.

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NewDay Transitions from Disparate Legacy Systems to a Unified Data Platform Running the Dremio Data Lake Engine

NewDay is transforming its data infrastructure from legacy systems to a cloud-based, secure PCI DSS-compliant data platform on AWS, leveraging the Dremio data lake engine for self-service data access.

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NCR Uses Dremio to Deliver Business Insights at a Faster Clip

To meet the demand for faster data insights, increase analytic capacity and contain costs, NCR chose Dremio to help modernize its data analytics infrastructure.

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Digital Insurance Agency AP Intego Enhances Service and Revenue by Using Dremio to Gain 360° Customer View

AP Intego is improving customer service and revenue by using the Dremio data lake engine to integrate customer data from multiple sources into a single 360° customer view.

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DATEV Software Improves Product Development Using Dremio for Self-Service Access to Software Usage Data

Dremio provides DATEV product managers with self-service access to software usage data to help them understand and improve their software and customer experience.

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Eliminate Data Transfer Bottlenecks with Apache Arrow Flight

Factset explore how Apache Arrow Flight solves data transfer bottlenecks by providing a new and modern standard for transporting large data between networked applications.

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Hungary’s OTP Bank Uses Dremio To Gain Insights Into Customer Needs and Increase Visibility Across the Bank

Hungary’s OTP Bank uses Dremio to consolidate and streamline data management across multiple data domains and provide fast access to customer data from diverse sources.

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Our Customers, In Their Own Words

Dremio has become a strategic partner for our business.

– TransUnion

One of the great things we discovered about Dremio was the ease of integration into our big data stack, meaning we could get it up and running in a short amount of time.

– Quantium

Give a man a fish, and feed him for a day. Show him how to catch fish, and you feed him for a lifetime. Dremio is the best fishing rod for big data I have ever seen.


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