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Federate queries across all your data with no data movement for comprehensive analytic insight

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All of your data with every query

Break down data silos with query federation across all of your data - in the cloud, on-premises, multi-cloud or hybrid - with the industry's most price-performant SQL query engine, designed for Apache Iceberg

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Broad connector ecosystem for real-time federation all of your data

Our connector ecosystem features dozens of integrations with an array of sources, including object storage, metastores, and databases in the cloud and on premises. Because Dremio queries your data at the source, there is no data movement, no data copies, and no complex ETL.

Semantic Layer for unified data access, analytics, and insight

The Dremio Semantic Layer enables a single, verified view across all of your data. You'll have consistent, collaborative, governed access to data, easily curating virtual data sets or projects with no data movement.

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Built for the Cloud, Multi-Cloud, on-premises, and hybrid environments

Query your data where it lives - whether in the Cloud, across clouds, on-premises, or in hybrid environments. Many organizations choose to distribute their workloads across different cloud platforms, allowing them to leverage the strengths of each provider while avoiding vendor lock-in. With Dremio, you can access all of your data to put it to analytic work in seconds.

A query as easy as a question with text-to-SQL using Generative AI

Harness the power of Generative AI for seamless data analysis. Dremio's text-to-SQL capabilities allow anyone to write queries using natural language, making it easier and more intuitive to interact with the data. Type a simple question, and Dremio generates fast, accurate SQL to query any of your data.

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