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Unlocking the Power of AI for Seamless Data Analysis

Harnesses the power of generative AI to revolutionize your data analysis workflows. With our advanced AI-driven features, we empower business users to query data with text, enhance data exploration, and accelerate insights.

Top Generative AI Features for Dremio

Text-to-SQL Experience

Dremio introduces natural language to SQL capabilities in its user interface (UI). This feature allows SQL developers to write queries using natural language, making it easier and more intuitive to interact with the database. Furthermore, Dremio's UI automatically corrects SQL queries, saving time and reducing errors.

Coming Soon: Autonomous Semantic Layer

Dremio leverages AI-driven capabilities to enhance the semantic layer. By automatically learning the user's data, such as identifying zip codes and providing dataset descriptions, Dremio eliminates the need for manual catalog population. Additionally, it learns the workload and creates Reflections to accelerate query performance. This AI-powered semantic layer improves efficiency and productivity for users.

Coming Soon: Vector Database Capabilities

Dremio integrates vector database capabilities into its lakehouse, specifically within Iceberg. With this feature, users can add a column of type vector to store embeddings for various data elements. For example, if you have a table of Amazon reviews, you can store embeddings that encode the "meaning" of each review alongside its other attributes. Dremio provides indexes and SQL functions, including fast similarity search using cosine similarity, enabling easy retrieval of similar or related reviews based on their meanings. This eliminates the need for a separate vector database platform, streamlining the data analytics process.

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By incorporating these generative AI features, Dremio empowers both business users and SQL users, improves data exploration, and enhances the overall efficiency and performance of data analytics workflows. Experience the power of Dremio's AI-driven capabilities today and unlock new possibilities for your data analysis.

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