Git-for-Data for Catalog Data Versioning

Data branching and version control for the data lakehouse with Git-for-Data

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Branching and version control for the lakehouse

Dremio simplifies data management with Git-inspired versioning capabilities, such as branching and tagging, on our Apache Iceberg data catalog, eliminating expensive data copies and giving data consumers a consistent view of the data

Zero-copy, zero-movement data branching

Use Git-like branching to support development, test, and production use cases on the same lakehouse environment, without creating physical copies of data. Experiment and make changes to data without disrupting production workloads, instantly expose changes to users. Easily roll back from mistakes.

Flexible version control with data history and time-travel

Reproduce models and dashboards with catalog-level time-travel, and use tags to identify milestones in the history of your data. Instantly recover from mistakes by rolling back your lakehouse to a prior state.

Comprehensive auditing to track every data change

Track all changes to the data and metadata. Every branch includes a full audit of commits so it's easy to identify who made changes and when.

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