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Why Dremio?

With data at the front line of critical business decisions, there is an urgent and growing need for data teams to have faster and easier access to analytics. Agility is imperative, simplicity is central and better price-performance is game-changing. Unlike other cloud-based analytics solutions, with Dremio, there is no need for copying or reshaping of data. Dremio delivers on choice and enables customers to power analytics and BI directly on their data lakes. This accelerated innovation provides enterprise-readiness across the BI ecosystem and empowers cloud, technology and SI partners to meet customers where they are with a simple, easy to use, open architecture.


Why are partners excited to be working with us?

Dremio is a proven leader in the innovation space and the perfect partner to empower customers to drive insights from their data, thereby allowing them to maximize the value of their data.

What value does Dremio add to your go-to-market strategy?

Dremio allows partners to expand their data analytics ecosystem, and eliminate complexity and silos, with a no-copy architecture.


How does a partnership with Dremio help your customers?

Dremio meets customers where they are and delivers on choice, with a truly seamless experience and faster time to insight.

What’s it like to work with the Dremio team?

The Dremio team truly works as an extension of your own team. We are friendly, responsive, collaborative and easy to work with.


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We build partnerships that drive value for our joint customers. Join us today!

Cloud Partnerships

quotes-logo From small businesses to the world’s largest organizations, agility matters. Dremio and AWS allow customers to accelerate time to value and gain operational insights from their data. With support for key AWS technologies and features, Dremio’s cloud-native service offers customers fast data access directly on top of Amazon data lakes, accelerating their time to BI.
quotes-logo Dremio is a proven leader in the innovation space and the technology that allows customers to drive insights from their data. Our vision is to allow customers to maximize the value they get from their data and Dremio is the perfect partner for us. They offer customers a choice and the right tool for the job.

Technology Partnerships

quotes-logo Dremio accelerates the time to value for Tableau implementation by providing a rapidly implementable extraction layer between legacy data sources and the Tableau ecosystem. This enables customers to shortcut costly, time-consuming and complex data engineering projects, thus accelerating the availability and accessibility to insights from their data.

Consulting & SI Partnerships

quotes-logo Customers are looking for choices in how they’re managing their data in the cloud and realizing that data warehouses are not the only option. Lots of customers have built data lakes on Amazon S3 or Azure Data Lake, but they’re not getting the query performance they want out of them for ad-hoc and BI workloads. We are seeing this lakehouse pattern emerge, which is a big reason we are excited to be working with Dremio. Their lakehouse technology for accelerating SQL queries is great for our customers.

Become a Partner

We build partnerships that drive value for our joint customers. Join us today!

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