Dremio Cloud on AWS

Market-leading query performance

Dremio Cloud on AWS delivers market-leading analytical query performance, thanks to its Apache Arrow foundation. Offering unparalleled scalability, it ensures the highest throughput and quickest response times on Amazon S3. Our cutting-edge query acceleration technology, Reflections, achieves sub-second response times for BI workloads. In addition, the next-generation architecture delivers built-in autoscaling capabilities that let you efficiently manage any volume of concurrent queries, all while optimizing costs.

Unified self-service analytics

Dremio Cloud on AWS delivers federated data access across an organization's broad data environments, both on AWS and on-premises. You can easily analyze all of your data across all data sources, both in S3 and other sources with Dremio's expansive connector ecosystem. Dremio's Universal Semantic Layer allows you to easily and securely expose data to different users, providing faster access to data. The seamless federated access also helps eliminate data movement and complex ETL processes.

Seamless Lakehouse Management

Dremio Cloud on AWS offers powerful lakehouse management features, including automated data optimization and a modern Apache Iceberg-native lakehouse catalog. This catalog provides a Git-like interface, enabling data teams to handle data as a product. This approach allows for experimentation, testing, and modification while ensuring data quality and governance. With zero data copy data mart functionality, users can swiftly and seamlessly explore, analyze, and test data without duplication of data or disruption to production environments.

Enable mission-critical BI on AWS S3 storage

Dremio Cloud makes it simple to create high-performance BI dashboards and interactive analytics directly from Amazon S3 storage. Simply connect Dremio directly to your S3 storage within your VPC to enjoy immediate, interactive performance on your data, eliminating the need to duplicate data into a proprietary data warehouse for analytics.

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