Dremio on AWS

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Make Amazon S3 your data warehouse

Deliver all the performance and functionality of a data warehouse on Amazon S3, and give analysts a self-service user experience that makes data consumable, consistent, and collaborative.

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Provide a git-like experience for your data

Bring a whole new experience to your S3 data. Use git-like branching to transform data across tables and schemas in isolation without impacting production data, and merge your changes once they’re tested and ready.

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Integrate seamlessly with AWS services

Run the Dremio lakehouse platform in your AWS account, next to your S3 buckets and other AWS services, and maintain full control of your data. Connect Sonar and Arctic directly to your S3 data for an automated lakehouse experience. Secure your lakehouse through native integration with AWS security utilities, including configurable IAM roles, AWS Secrets Manager for credential storage, and custom processes to generate access tokens to authenticate with AWS data sources.

Dremio Cloud is available on AWS

Start analyzing your AWS data in minutes with Dremio Cloud, our forever-free lakehouse platform.

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