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Transform Cloud Data Lake Analytics with AWS

With Dremio running on Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3), customers have an analytics platform for their business intelligence and data science workloads that’s unrivaled in terms of speed, efficiency, and cost optimization.

Dremio is an Advanced Tier Partner with a Data and Analytics Competency as well as an AWS Global Startup Partner in the Amazon Partner Network (APN).

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Dramatically accelerate analytics on S3

Leverage Dremio’s Apache Arrow-based query engine with patent-pending acceleration technologies to speed queries directly on your existing S3 data by up to 100x.

Easily build your cloud data lake

Dremio AWS Edition makes Amazon S3 the ideal data store for your business intelligence and data science initiatives. Organizations can transparently migrate data to the cloud—making it simple to start deriving value from a modern cloud data lake. Dremio also adds a new level of versatility and power to your cloud data lake by integrating directly with AWS Glue as a data source.

Leverage strong security for AWS

Enjoy native support for multiple AWS security utilities for enterprise users, including configurable IAM roles, storage of credentials in AWS Secrets Manager and server-side encryption for S3 objects.

Run entirely within your AWS account

Maintain complete control over your data by keeping within S3 and run your analytics entirely from within your AWS account.

Dremio AWS Edition

Launch Dremio in your AWS account and start querying your data in minutes with Dremio AWS Edition. Get lightning-fast performance without having to move your data into a data warehouse. With multiple engines that start and stop automatically, Dremio AWS Edition drastically reduces your infrastructure costs.

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