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Build interactive BI dashboards that run directly on ADLS. Bring your data to life.

Enable Mission-Critical BI on Azure Data Lake Storage

Dremio enables high-performing BI dashboards and interactive analytics directly on ADLS. Connect Dremio directly to your ADLS for immediate, interactive performance on your data without needing to copy it into a proprietary data warehouse.

Native Power BI Integration

Start creating interactive, high-concurrency, low-latency Power BI dashboards on your ADLS data with the click of a button. Dremio makes it possible to run Power BI dashboards directly on ADLS in DirectQuery mode, so you don’t have to create an import to make your dashboards fly.

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Accelerate Time to Results While Decreasing Costs

Cut Azure VM costs by over 60% with a scalable, multi-engine architecture. Dremio’s multi-engine architecture enables you to create multiple right-sized, physically isolated, engines for various workloads that auto-stop when you’re not running queries.

Decrease costs further with intelligent caching that leverages NVMe built into Azure VM instances. By selectively caching data only required to satisfy your workload, Dremio’s Columnar Cloud Cache (C3) technology eliminates over 90% of ADLS I/O costs, which can make up 10-15% of the costs for each query you run.

Integrate With Azure-Native Security Utilities

With Dremio, everything runs in your Azure account — your data stays in your ADLS and your Azure VM instances run in your account, so you have full control over your data.

In addition, Dremio integrates with Azure-native security utilities, including Azure Active Directory for Single Sign-On (SSO).

Dremio in the Azure Marketplace

Launch Dremio through the Azure Marketplace and start querying your data in minutes!

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Case Study

Dremio Accelerates Insights and Drives Efficiency in Henkel’s Supply Chain

Henkel uses the Dremio data lake engine to join data silos, accelerate business insights and save millions through productivity improvements in their global supply chain.

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Connecting Power BI Gateway to Dremio

Often, customers using Dremio with Power BI have the need to move to Power BI Gateway. In order to set this up, customers will need to follow a few steps to get live connections with Dremio.

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3 Steps for Making High-Performance BI Work Directly with Cloud Data Lake Storage

To derive operational value from data stored in cloud data lakes used to require moving the data into cumbersome, expensive data warehouses and data marts, then layer on time-consuming cubes, extracts and aggregations. Not anymore!

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