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Episode 44


January 30, 2024

How S&P Global is Building an Azure Data Lakehouse with Dremio

Join us in this webinar and learn how S&P Global built an Azure data lakehouse with Dremio Cloud for FinOps analysis. If you are looking for ways to eliminate expensive data extracts in BI cubes, then this will be a great episode to check out.

S&P Global is a leading global financial services company headquartered in New York. It provides credit ratings, benchmarks, analytics, and workflow solutions in the global capital, commodity, and automotive markets. As a company, data is an essential asset across all of S&P Global’s solutions offerings. Watch Tian de Klerk, Director of Business Intelligence, as he shares how they built a data lakehouse for FinOps analysis with Dremio Cloud on Microsoft Azure.

Tian will share about:

  1. The hidden costs of extracting operational data into BI cubes
  2. Simplifying traditional data engineering processes with Dremio’s zero-ETL lakehouse
  3. How Dremio’s semantic layer and query acceleration make self-service analytics easy for end users

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