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Interactive Query Speeds on Dell EMC ECS and PowerScale

Dremio and Dell Technologies have partnered to offer a solution enabling real-time queries of file and object data residing on Dell EMC ECS and PowerScale.

Lightning-Fast Queries Directly on Your Dell EMC Data Lake

Dremio features include data reflections, columnar cloud cache (C3) and predictive pipelining that work alongside Apache Arrow to execute queries directly on top of Dell EMC ECS and PowerScale, eliminating the need for ETL, cubes, extracts or any data movement away from Dell EMC ECS and PowerScale.

High Single-System Scalability

With Dell EMC PowerScale and ECS, enterprise organizations and Dremio administrators can effortlessly scale from tens of terabytes to tens of petabytes within a single file system, single volume, and with a single point of administration.

Faster Queries with Less Infrastructure

Query acceleration technologies combine to deliver 4-100x faster performance compared to traditional data lake engines. Dremio with Dell EMC scale-out NAS and Dell EMC ECS object stores provides excellent performance and significantly improved storage utilization with fewer hard drives and a smaller storage footprint. Learn more

Self-Service Semantic Layer

An abstraction layer enables data engineers to apply security and business meaning while enabling analysts and data scientists to easily explore data and derive new virtual datasets.

Ready for lightning-fast, self-service analytics?