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Enable instantaneous queries of file and object data residing on Dell EMC ECS and PowerScale.

Get the data you need.

Execute lighting-fast queries directly on your Dell EMC data lake. Dremio features include data reflections, columnar cloud cache (C3) and predictive pipelining that work alongside Apache Arrow. Dremio eliminates the need for ETL, cubes, extracts or any data movement away from Dell EMC ECS and PowerScale.

Scale your data with ease.

Enterprise organizations and Dremio administrators can effortlessly scale from tens of terabytes to tens of petabytes within a single file system, single volume, and with a single point of administration.

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Benefit from improved storage utilization.

Dremio with Dell EMC scale-out NAS and Dell EMC ECS object stores provides excellent performance and significantly improved storage utilization with fewer hard drives and a smaller storage footprint. Query acceleration technologies combine to deliver 4-100x faster performance.

Empower teams with self-service.

Data engineers can apply security and business meaning via an abstraction layer while enabling analysts and data scientists to easily explore data and derive new virtual datasets.

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About Dell EMC ECS

ECS, the leading object storage platform from Dell EMC, boasts unmatched scalability, performance, resilience and economics. Deployable as a turnkey appliance or in a software-defined model, ECS delivers rich S3-compatibility on a globally distributed architecture.

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Dell EMC Technologies Powered by Dremio for Lightning-Fast Data Analytics

This paper describes the performance test results of running the Dremio cloud data lake query engine with Dell EMC™ PowerEdge R640 servers, PowerScale™, a scale-out NAS and ECS object storage for lightning-fast data processing.

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Make Dell EMC PowerScale and ECS with Dremio the Centerpiece of Your Data Analytics Infrastructure

Your customer's most trusted data resides in Dell EMC PowerScale and ECS. Unlock the full potential and maximum efficiency of Dell EMC PowerScale and ECS for business intelligence, analytics, and data science workloads with the Dremio Data Lake Query Engine.

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Accelerate Time-to-Insight with the Next-Generation Data Lake Powered by Dremio

With today’s current data architecture, data still has to be transformed, copied, and moved - increasing complexities and costs while negatively impacting performance. Dremio’s data lake query engine enables you to query data directly on your data lake storage, eliminating the need to copy data while increasing performance.

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