Dremio with Snowflake for Easy, Cost-Effective Iceberg Analytics

Unify all of your data, from Snowflake to Iceberg and other sources, by combining Dremio's intelligent semantic layer with its powerful SQL platform, to eliminate data silos, optimize costs, and enable self-service analytics

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How can Dremio unlock even more Snowflake value?

Dremio empowers Snowflake customers to harness their data's full potential. By federating analytics across Snowflake, Iceberg and other data sources, and combining that with an intelligent semantic layer, Dremio eliminates data silos. It ensures budget predictability by optimizing analytics costs and boosting performance by intelligently managing queried data.

Dremio lets you leverage Snowflake and along with the rest of your data across your ecosystem for unified lakehouse analytics and AI without data copies or ETL

Easily unify all of your data from Snowflake, Iceberg the data lake, and all of your data sources with no data movement. You'll dramatically reduce data copies and ETL, while driving better data governance and security.

Maximize cost efficiency and enhance performance for BI and analytics across Snowflake data and beyond. Combining the power of Dremio with Snowflake can drive up to 50%+ savings on their analytics cost by reducing ETL, engineering, and compute costs.

Dremio brings users closer to the data with easy-to-use self-service analytics across all your data. Dremio’s universal Semantic Layer makes data discovery and analysis easy and intuitive, with business-centric data projects and centralized data governance.

Dremio is Apache Iceberg native, so data is always yours, always open, and always compatible with other analytics tools, engines and catalogs in the Iceberg ecosystem. Snowflake’s adoption of Iceberg makes it’s even easier to harness Dremio’s lakehouse capabilities.

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