Guillaume Riflet

Data Engineer at Galp

Guillaume Riflet is not only a dynamic Data Engineer at Galp but also a proud double dad, juggling the exciting world of data with the joys of parenthood. Hailing from Portugal, Guillaume brings a unique blend of technical expertise and life experiences to the forefront.

With a background as a former researcher in numerical modeling of coastal hydrodynamics, Guillaume’s journey into data engineering has been shaped by a deep understanding of complex systems. Today, he applies that analytical mindset to the energy sector, where he plays a vital role in crafting Galp’s data strategy.

Guillaume excels in building and optimizing data platforms, focusing on performance, security, and governance. He has been a driving force behind the successful implementation of Galp’s Enterprise Data Hub, a critical component of their decentralized data architecture.

Beyond his technical prowess, Guillaume is a passionate advocate for data literacy and the adoption of cutting-edge data management paradigms, such as the data mesh.

As a speaker at the Big Data Conference, Guillaume will offer insights into Galp’s data journey, emphasizing how Dremio has helped to comply with their data strategy.

Guillaume Riflet's Articles and Resources

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