Dremio Sonar

A SQL engine for open platforms that provides data warehouse-level performance and capabilities on the data lake, and a self-service experience that makes data consumable and collaborative.

Access more data freely
and make better business decisions

One engine for all SQL workloads

Support all SQL workloads, from mission-critical BI dashboards to ad-hoc/exploratory workloads, with an engine that delivers warehouse performance and functionality (including DML operations) directly on the lakehouse.

Deliver a seamless end-user experience with transparent query optimization and acceleration.

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Any data, anywhere

Enrich your analysis with data that’s not [yet] in the lake with connectors to various external databases.

Democratize your data where it lives and enable various use cases with a unified view of your data without data copies.

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Consistent, collaborative data

Define a consistent and secure view of data and business metrics that can be leveraged by any downstream application.

Build a simpler data model, and eliminate the need to export data into Tableau extracts/Power BI imports, cubes, and other optimized data structures.

Curate, analyze, and share datasets in a self-service manner. Work with the most logical view of data, without needing to know about pre-optimized, pre-aggregated physical tables.

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Best-in-class experience

Interact with your data through a seamless integrated experience for analysts who know and love SQL.

Query your lakehouse data with Sonar’s SQL Runner, a best-in-class IDE for analysts that includes auto-complete, multi-statement execution, and the ability to save and share SQL scripts.

Understand and optimize query performance with Sonar’s SQL Profiler, and visualize dataset usage and lineage with Sonar’s Data Map.

Frictionless BI and data science integrations

BI teams can seamlessly connect to Dremio Sonar and visualize data with your favorite BI tools with native connectors to Tableau and Power BI, including support for OAuth 2.0-based SSO.

Data science teams benefit from high-throughput data connectivity. Easily consume query results with Python, R, and Jupyter notebook thanks to Apache Arrow Flight.

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Simplified Architecture

A better experience
for all data practitioners


  • Simpler data model

    Let your end users work with the logical view of data, without needing to navigate through complex aggregate tables or materialized views.

  • Centralized metrics layer

    Define standardized business metrics that can be leveraged by any downstream application.

  • Built-in governance and lineage

    Add context and tags to datasets for teammates to leverage, and trace what datasets comprise each analysis through a built-in lineage graph. Enable users to explore and develop datasets without making data copies, identify your most frequently-queried datasets, and surface only your most valuable data assets for public consumption.


  • Self-service experience

    Consume and collaborate with data on your own terms. Leverage your organization’s production-ready datasets for your analyses, and safely experiment without creating and managing data copies.

  • Better insights with fresher data

    Don’t build reports on stale data. Deliver reliable, consistent insights based on fresher, more complete data as it lives in the data lake.

  • Transparent performance

    No more worrying about BI extracts or physically optimized tables. Work directly with your logical data model, and Sonar transparently optimizes and accelerates queries to ensure sub-second responsiveness for all workloads.

Deliver insights.

End-to-end data security

Keep your data and data processing in your cloud account, where data is encrypted at rest and in transit. Manage risk with SOC 2 compliance, and integrate with existing platform security tools including Azure Active Directory, Okta, Ranger, Privacera, and Okera.

Centralized governance

Define a single, governed view of data, with centralized access policies over your data that can be reused by any downstream applications. Safeguard your data further with fine-grained database-style permissions using ANSI SQL.

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