4 minute read · April 22, 2024

Puppygraph Sponsors the Subsurface Lakehouse Conference

Apache Iceberg is pivotal in the evolution of open data lakehouses, blending the best features of data lakes and data warehouses. It provides an open table format that is essential for organizations seeking to manage large volumes of data without being tied to a specific vendor. This flexibility is crucial as it allows businesses to choose the best tools for their needs, fostering innovation and efficiency. Apache Iceberg enables features like schema evolution, time travel, and efficient data querying, which are vital for modern data management and analytics.

The Subsurface Lakehouse Conference for several years highlights Apache Iceberg's importance in building robust data lakehouses. This event is a hub for learning about the latest trends and practices in data lakehouse architecture, including the implementation, governance, and management of these systems. The 2024 conference schedule is packed with sessions dedicated to Apache Iceberg, featuring talks on interoperability among lakehouse table formats, the future of Apache Iceberg in data architecture, and data contracts specific to Iceberg.

Notable sessions include discussions on optimizing data lakehouse performance using Apache Iceberg in conjunction with Dremio's SQL query engine, best practices for building Iceberg data lakehouses, and innovative applications like merge-on-read pipelines at scale. These talks are led by experts in the field, including co-creators of Apache Iceberg and data infrastructure leaders from major companies. The conference serves as a testament to Apache Iceberg's growing influence and critical role in shaping the future of open data lakehouses, offering a platform for professionals to share knowledge, discuss challenges, and explore new possibilities in data management and analytics.

PuppyGraph recognizes the immense value that Apache Iceberg brings to the data landscape and has integrated this into its platform by enabling graph queries for Apache Iceberg lakehouses, PuppyGraph has positioned itself as a pioneer in the industry, offering unique capabilities that harness the power of both graph analytics and the scalability and flexibility of Iceberg lakehouses. This integration allows organizations to leverage their existing data in new and innovative ways, enabling complex analytics and insights previously unattainable or requiring expensive and cumbersome technologies.

Understanding the importance of the Apache Iceberg in shaping the future of data management, PuppyGraph is proud to announce its sponsorship of the Subsurface Lakehouse Conference. This partnership reflects PuppyGraph's commitment to the Apache Iceberg project and its community, demonstrating the alignment of values and visions in promoting open, efficient, and flexible data architectures. By sponsoring the conference, PuppyGraph aims to foster dialogue, collaboration, and learning among industry professionals, contributing to the ongoing development and adoption of Apache Iceberg.

PuppyGraph invites all data enthusiasts, engineers, and industry leaders to register and attend the Subsurface Conference. All attendees will receive a digital copy of the final version of O'Reilly's "Apache Iceberg: The Definitive Guide." PuppyGraph's sponsorship underlines our dedication to empowering individuals and organizations with knowledge and tools to navigate and excel in the evolving data landscape. Through its innovative platform and active participation in the community, PuppyGraph continues to lead the way in advancing graph analytics and data lakehouse technologies, making the complexities of big data more accessible and manageable.

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