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Drive Data Science on Data Lake Storage

Data science should be about actually exploring data—not just preparing to explore that data. Stay focused on mining data for insight by leveraging Dremio to dramatically streamline your data science tasks.

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Kick your data exploration into high gear

Stop waiting on IT to deliver the data you need. Get self-service access to an expanded array of datasets—and faster queries against that data. Seamlessly integrate with key platforms in the data science ecosystem and dive into data exploration and feature engineering without being delayed by the need to obtain, organize and prepare data.

Enhance data exploration

Fully exploit the value of your data with powerful tools that enable you to expand access to datasets, accelerate data discovery and quickly discover potential relationships. Speed ad-hoc queries by up to 4x and reduce dependency on data engineering with self-service access to data. Best of all, spend more time on feature engineering and model building.

Elevate feature engineering

Leverage Dremio to enable fast cleaning and transformation of data—and to make the entire task of data pre-processing reproducible. Quickly iterate training sets and validate models: you can treat the model itself as data and analyze feature quality over time, thus enabling “what-if” explorations of new features, or tweaks in features, without copying or changing the underlying data or model.

We make it easy for the data engineers

Radically streamline your data engineering tasks: centralize data access, security and governance while enabling self-service data, fast iteration and collaboration for data scientists. Transparently speed performance for a diverse range of new datasets—and for end users—by reducing data movements, data copies and ETL.

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