Unlock the Power of a Data Lakehouse with Dremio Cloud

Dremio Cloud is a fully managed lakehouse platform that simplifies unlocks self-serve analytics for your organization.

Dremio’s Unified Lakehouse Platform slashes analytics TCO (Total Cost of Ownership_ by more than 50%) compared to Snowflake and other lakehouse platforms.

Dremio Cloud on Azure

Dremio Cloud Overview

Why Dremio Cloud (PDF)

Keep your data where it lies and unlock access to these capabilities:

Unified Analytics

Grant access to your end users to accelerate business insights, innovation, and results without data movement. Features:

  • Universal Semantic Layer that speaks the language of business
  • Centralized data governance to balance data access and control
  • Frictionless connector integrations for all your data

SQL Query Engine

Deliver high-performance analytics directly on the data lake with transparent query optimization and sub-second BI workloads across all your data sources. Features:

  • Lightning fast query performance at scale
  • Intelligent query acceleration
  • Flexible, fast, lightweight data transformation

Lakehouse Management

Build a modern data lakehouse while reducing the costs and complexities associated with traditional data warehouses. Features:

  • Simplified data workflows with Git for Data
  • Fully optimized data for increased performance
  • Built for the Cloud, multi-Cloud, and hybrid environments

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Operating Dremio Cloud Runbook

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Unlock the Power of a Data Lakehouse with Dremio Cloud

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