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Episode 49


April 16, 2024

What’s New in Dremio: New Capabilities for the Best Apache Iceberg Lakehouse

Join our upcoming webinar to discover the new Dremio capabilities designed to make your Apache Iceberg data lakehouse the most efficient, scalable, and manageable platform for analytics and AI.  We’ll cover enhancements for data ingestion, data processing, and data optimization aimed at helping you achieve the fastest, most scalable, and easiest to use lakehouse for all of your data.

Dremio is making it easier than ever to build and manage an Apache Iceberg data lakehouse. Watch Mark Shainmann share the new Dremio capabilities that help you achieve the fastest, most scalable, and easiest-to-manage lakehouse for analytics and AI.

You’ll learn how:

  1. Dremio can help you accelerate Apache Iceberg adoption with seamless ingest
  2. Enhanced Reflections query acceleration can optimize performance and streamline management
  3. New capabilities continue to improve reliability, stability and scalability
  4. Dremio is delivering new capabilities to increase observability for ease of administration and management

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