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Accelerate Business Intelligence on Data Lake Storage

Shorten your time to insight from days or weeks to minutes with dramatically improved speed for your ad-hoc and reporting queries, without dependence on IT or data engineering. Dremio enables you to do all your BI tasks—faster, and more productively—directly against cloud data lake storage.

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Operationalize your data lake

Organizations have been forced to copy and move data from their cloud data lakes into expensive, proprietary data warehouses and data mart solutions for BI because traditional SQL engines couldn’t deliver enterprise-grade query speed, governance and security directly on data lake storage. Dremio not only makes that possible, it also slashes costs by >90%.

Accelerate ad-hoc queries

Harness multi-stage acceleration to drive lightning-fast queries directly on your data lake storage. Dremio’s combination of technologies—including an Apache Arrow-based engine and Columnar Cloud Cache (C3)—provides a highly efficient, parallelized execution path that speeds queries by up to 4x versus other query engines while slashing time to insight to just minutes.

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Accelerate dashboards and reports

Integrate BI tools such as Tableau, PowerBI and Looker directly with Dremio and accelerate dashboard/reporting queries by up to 100x. And don’t spend time awaiting connections to your data: Dremio delivers simple, self-service access to data, even for non-technical users, and enables your BI platform to see results from your datasets immediately—no more dependency on data engineering.

Leverage a standardized semantic layer

Eliminate the need for copying and moving data—no more cubes, aggregation tables or extracts—and recurring instances of data drift. Dremio delivers a standardized semantic layer that provides consistent KPIs, business logic, and data access for all your teams while enabling a self-service experience for data analysts and BI users. Eliminate business logic duplication across multiple BI tools, which remain “thin” and do not require specialized developers to manage them.

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Power data engineering

Speed provisioning for your BI datasets, govern them more effectively, and share them securely. Optimize performance quickly and transparently for end users. Dremio makes data engineers far more efficient and productive—enabling them to quickly deliver access to new datasets without ETL; to then build, enrich, join and transform those datasets; and to simplify and streamline collaboration with data analysts and BI users.

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