4 minute read · June 10, 2020

Boost Data Engineering Productivity by 30X – for Free

Jacques Nadeau

Jacques Nadeau · Co-founder and CTO, Dremio

Our Chief Product Officer (CPO) Tomer Shiran recently blogged about the COVID-19 paradox, discussing how data and analytics are strategic, “must-have” priorities, yet at the same time COVID is forcing almost every organization to ramp up their productivity and cut costs, sometimes very aggressively.

What if you could meet both objectives at the same time?

This is exactly what Dremio enables you to do with our newly released Dremio AWS Edition, and it’s why we’re so excited to share it with the world. Here at Dremio we’ve created a new category for analytics directly on your data lake storage: a Data Lake Engine. And with it your data engineers can shrink the work and time needed to provision data sets to business analyst and data science stakeholders from weeks to hours or even minutes. Conservatively that’s a 30X improvement. A Data Lake Engine is a revolution in productivity, both for data engineers themselves and also for the data consumers that need the data to derive insights.

As the title of this blog makes clear, our new Dremio AWS Edition isn’t just a time-bound promotional offer or a low-scale, feature-limited means to try Dremio and realize these productivity gains for your data teams. Instead, you get unlimited queries, unlimited users, our query acceleration features, our semantic layer, and our ecosystem integrations including source connectors and deep community support. In other words, everything you need to go into production using BI tools such as Tableau and Power BI and data science tools such as Python and R directly against your S3 data.

For free. That’s right, free.

All with lightning-fast performance, and in a self-service manner that dramatically increases the productivity of data teams and data consumers. Imagine how much more your data engineering teams could get done if they could directly query data in cloud data storage without having to copy and move data into a data warehouse, and if they no longer need to create and manage cubes, BI extracts and aggregation tables to provide interactive performance for BI.

If at some point you decide you want enterprise support SLAs directly from Dremio, or that you have different departments and teams using Dremio and you need additional security and governance features, then we do offer a paid subscription to meet those needs. But, to be crystal clear, we believe the majority of data teams in the world will benefit from our free listing in the AWS Marketplace.

Keep in mind that, just as with any other software in the AWS Marketplace, you’ll still need to pay Amazon for your underlying infrastructure. And this is where things get even more exciting when it comes to driving efficiency and cutting costs. Dremio AWS Edition includes a new elastic engines capability that eliminates EC2 compute and associated costs when there are no active queries running. This capability cuts >60% of the infrastructure cost in a typical mixed workload environment. And because Dremio is 4X faster than other SQL engine alternatives, you can size your engines with 75% less EC2 resources at any given performance level. Combined with the additional 60% savings from elastic engines you can slash 90% of your compute infrastructure.

So, if you’re ready to kick your data lake analytics initiatives into high gear, dramatically improve the productivity of your data engineering teams, and save money while you’re at it, head over to our step-by-step deploy page to get started!

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