Jacques Nadeau

Co-founder and CTO, Dremio

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Jacques Nadeau's Articles and Resources

Blog Post

Unveiling Project Nessie: Data Revolution

Introducing Project Nessie – A Git-like Experience for Your Data Lake.


Blog Post

DM Radio and The Case for Immediate Analytics

I recently had the pleasure to participate in a DM Radio panel discussing the case for immediate analytics. In this blog I’ll share some of the main points we discussed. It was a wide ranging discussion, so definitely check out the podcast itself.


Blog Post

Subsurface Summer 2020 Makes a Splash and Dives Deep into the Cloud Data Lake

Last Thursday Dremio hosted Subsurface Summer 2020, the industry’s first and only cloud data lake conference — and we did it all LIVE (and virtually, of course)!


Blog Post

Introducing Subsurface, the Industry’s First Cloud Data Lake Conference

As cloud data lake pioneers with our data lake engine, and as the original creators of Apache Arrow, we are excited to introduce and host Subsurface, the industry’s first cloud data lake conference.


Blog Post

Boost Data Engineering Productivity by 30X – for Free

Dremio AWS Edition allows you to kick your data lake analytics initiatives into high gear, dramatically improve the productivity of your data engineering teams, and save money while you’re at it.


Blog Post

Recognizing A New Tier

Dremio’s co-founder describes his vision for starting the company and the future of data analytics.

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