3 minute read · July 7, 2020

Introducing Subsurface, the Industry’s First Cloud Data Lake Conference

Jacques Nadeau

Jacques Nadeau · Co-founder and CTO, Dremio

The explosion of data and the need for business agility to leverage that data for competitive advantage are driving a massive surge of data lake innovation. As with pretty much every other technology, that innovation is happening almost exclusively in the cloud, and it is coming from all angles: open source projects, commercial vendors, and of course the cloud providers themselves.

The industry has moved past first-generation Hadoop-based data lakes and is now squarely focused on building next-generation data platforms based on an open cloud data lake architecture. Organizations of all sizes have recognized that cloud data lakes, with separation of compute and data, give them the flexibility and freedom they need both today and tomorrow. What has been missing is a rallying point for this rapidly expanding community - an industry event dedicated to showcasing the newest innovations and the best ways to put them to work.

As cloud data lake pioneers with our data lake engine, and as the original creators of Apache Arrow, we are excited to introduce and host Subsurface, the industry’s first cloud data lake conference.

Dremio's Subsurface

Subsurface is a one-day LIVE event, totally virtual and open to everyone, everywhere—free of charge. It is a technical conference tailored for data architects and data engineers like you: the data teams on the front lines building next generation cloud data lakes. We named the event Subsurface because you will dive deep below the surface of the data lake to really get into the technologies, the how’s and why’s, and the best practices to make your cloud data lake world-class. After the event, you can continue to be a part of a virtual community dedicated to sharing ongoing best practices as you keep your skills sharp in collaboration with industry experts and peers alike.

Now in case you’re wondering — Subsurface is NOT a Dremio user conference, but rather an industry conference spanning the entire open cloud data lake architecture. Of course, we are proud of our role in driving this architecture forward and we are excited to bring the broader community together around the fast-growing world of cloud data lakes.

The Open Cloud Data Lake Architecture

The Open Cloud Data Lake Architecture

Whether you are looking to expand your technical knowledge, or hear from your peers about their cloud data lake use cases and architectures, Subsurface provides plenty of opportunities to learn, network and be inspired. You’ll hear first-hand from engineers and architects at leading companies such as Netflix, Expedia, Preset, Exelon, Microsoft and AWS about their experiences spearheading open source projects and building modern data lakes. You’ll hear real-world approaches to solve for a wide range of use cases, from data warehousing and BI to data science and advanced analytics. And you’ll dive deep into next-generation cloud data lake technologies with LIVE conference presentations and 1:1 demos in our sponsors’ virtual booths.

Register for Subsurface now, mark your calendars and get ready!

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