4 minute read · April 16, 2024

What’s new in Dremio, Delivering Market Leading Performance for Apache Iceberg Data Lakehouses 

Alex Merced

Alex Merced · Senior Tech Evangelist, Dremio

Version 25 of Dremio’s Intelligent SQL Query Engine heralds a new era in lakehouse analytics, promising market-leading performance coupled with the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) and exceptional price performance.

Unmatched Query Performance for Business Insights

Dremio's bold claim isn't just talk; tangible technological advancements back it. The platform's intelligent query engine is engineered to deliver sub-second query performance, a critical factor in driving deeper business insights and accelerating time-to-value. How does Dremio achieve this? The answer in part lies in its Reflections query acceleration technology.

Reflections are at the heart of Dremio's performance optimization, enabling users to query vast datasets and rapidly gain valuable insights. This innovative technology eradicates the need for manual data materialization management. It empowers the optimizer to rewrite SQL queries dynamically, using reflections to accelerate queries on the fly. This capability allows organizations to break free from time-consuming data engineering tasks.

Cutting-Edge Features in Version 25

Dremio's commitment to continuous improvement shines through in version 25, with enhanced Reflections capabilities that push the boundaries of SQL query performance. Here's a closer look at the new features:

Improved Reflections Refresh Capabilities

The upgraded Reflections refresh feature significantly reduces the time needed to update reflections, ensuring users can access the most current data without delay and avoid unneeded refreshes when data is unchanged. This improvement means that complete reflections are not rebuilt from scratch, facilitating faster, more cost-efficient data access.

Incremental Reflections Refresh with Joins

This new feature is a boon for efficiency, as only changes in the base tables involved in joins—since the last creation or refresh of the Reflection—are used to update the Reflection. This selective updating streamlines the refresh process, enhancing performance and saving valuable time.

Reflection Refresh Scheduler

Introducing a scheduler for Reflection refreshes is a significant relief for administrators. It simplifies managing when and how to rebuild and refresh Reflections, particularly in complex lakehouse environments. Now, admins can effortlessly schedule these processes, significantly reducing administrative overhead.

SQL and REST API for Reflection Refreshes

Dremio now offers SQL and REST APIs to streamline the reflection refresh process. This integration allows customers to leverage their existing toolsets and interfaces, facilitating the automation of the refresh process and ensuring seamless integration with current workflows.


Dremio's version 25 is not just an update; it's a transformative upgrade that redefines the standards for SQL query performance in lakehouse environments. By intelligently optimizing query processing and introducing user-friendly features for data management, Dremio empowers organizations to harness the full potential of their data, driving insightful business decisions and achieving faster time-to-value. With these advancements, Dremio continues to solidify its position as a leader in the field of data analytics, offering solutions that are not only powerful but also practical and cost-effective.

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