4 minute read · November 19, 2019

Microsoft Ignite 2019 – In case you missed it

Earlier this November, Dremio partner Microsoft hosted Microsoft Ignite, an annual conference for developers and IT professionals in Orlando.. We were thrilled to share the capabilities of Dremio’s Data Lake Engine with the adopters, creators, and evangelists of Azure Data Lake Storage (ADLS).

In addition to our standard exhibitor booth (which is awesome), Dremio was selected to be part of Microsoft’s Startup Gallery, which housed eight innovative startups from across their portfolio to showcase their solutions to attendees. Lucio, our Director of Technical Marketing, demoed Dremio’s Data Lake Engine during an interview. Be on the lookout for this video on Dremio’s LinkedIn!

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Back at the main Dremio booth, our team had fun sharing the problems Dremio’s Data Lake Engine can solve for ADLS users. As you can imagine, at a conference of 25,000 attendees, there’s a lot of information being shared, so we tried to make it as simple as possible for attendees to wrap their head around Dremio’s disruptively better approach.

How’d we do it? With Dremio Rally, of course! We first introduced Dremio Rally at Strata NY in September, and we found it so effective we had to bring it back for Microsoft Ignite. As you can see in the picture below, we use a blue racetrack to visualize the current data pipeline - an extensive ETL process, with a data warehouse, plus cubes, extracts, aggregation tables, etc. With the grey racetrack, you can see your data pipeline with Dremio - a straight shot directly from your data lake storage to your insights. It’s fast, easy to navigate, and a one stop shop for your data querying needs!

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Attendees loved trying to beat the top score on the leaderboard to win a Gnarly the Narwhal hat. We even had several attendees return each day to try again! Check out one of our attendees proudly sporting his champion hat!

We were able to give one on one demos at the main booth and were excited to be able to show Dremio operating directly against Azure Data Lake storage! Lucio even broadcasted our weekly live demo directly from the Dremio booth!

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We also wanted to use the time we had with so many knowledgeable IT professionals to do some primary research, so we created a cloud data lake survey for the attendees who stopped by our booth.We’ll be completing our research and sharing the results in the near future. Be sure to follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook so you don’t miss it!

It was a great week and we were thrilled to work so closely with our partner (and customer!) Microsoft for this event! Of course, this week wouldn’t have been such a success without the wonderful Dremio team that made the trip to Orlando. Don’t worry - we made time for some fun at Ignite’s Attendee Celebration at Universal Studios on Thursday night! Thank you all for your help! We’re already looking forward to Microsoft Ignite 2020!

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Curious about Azure Data Lake Storage and Dremio? Check out this explainer to learn more!

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