7 minute read · August 31, 2021

Introducing the Dremio Partner Network!

Roger Frey

Roger Frey · Vice President of Alliances, Dremio

It’s been a very exciting year for Dremio, and we’re only halfway through! We’ve accomplished some amazing milestones, including closing our Series D funding with a $1B valuation, hosting two Subsurface LIVE cloud data lake conferences, and recently launching Dremio Cloud, our new, fully-managed SQL Lakehouse service. We’ve made great progress creating the best SQL lakehouse platform to enable our customers to achieve fast, frictionless, and self-service analytics. And, we’re just getting started!

Companies around the world use Dremio to run high-performing business intelligence dashboards and interactive analytics directly on cloud data lake storage, without needing to copy the data into a data warehouse beforehand. Dremio enables companies to build a simpler, more streamlined, and more open data architecture that reduces time to value while enhancing data security and eliminating vendor lock-in. Companies choose Dremio not only for its best-in-class SQL lakehouse technology, but also for its best-in-class integration with some of the world’s leading cloud, technology, and solutions integration (SI) partners.

My team and I are fortunate to work with amazing cloud, technology, and SI partners who create and deliver some of the most innovative solutions to customers in technology today. Dremio’s ability to continue to grow in the data analytics market, build innovative solutions, and ultimately deliver value to our customers, depends upon our partner ecosystem and our ability to deliver seamless experiences together through first-class technology integrations, joint solutioning, and beyond.

That’s why I am so proud and so excited today to announce that Dremio has launched the Dremio Partner Network. The Dremio Partner Network enables companies to easily partner with Dremio and deliver value to our mutual customers. The Dremio Partner Network is a global partner program, spanning cloud service providers, technology & ISV partners, and consulting & SI partners.

Dremio Cloud Partners

As organizations continue their respective journeys to the cloud, there’s also been an increase of data analytics use cases. Organizations are looking for highly-scalable and easy-to-use solutions to manage the volume, variety and velocity of data, while also providing fast and accurate insights back into their business. Dremio has strong partnerships with AWS & Microsoft, helping customers easily deploy Dremio, connect to cloud data lake storage, and scale their environments to meet our mutual customers’ business needs.

With the launch of the Dremio Partner Network, we continue to build upon the success of our partnerships by developing new integrations with cloud service providers, helping customers leverage the cloud to drive value for their organizations. I’m proud of what we’ve accomplished with our cloud partners, and we’re really excited about our opportunities to continue to innovate with them to solve our customers’ most pressing data analytics challenges.

Dremio Technology Alliances Partners

The Dremio Technology Alliances Program represents our evolution in partnering with leading technology partners to integrate, innovate and bring to market joint solutions aimed at helping customers solve their unique data analytics challenges. When organizations seek to be successful with their analytics initiatives, it often requires leveraging best-of-breed technologies to get data from where it was generated into the hands of analysts. While Dremio has had a robust ecosystem of technology partners, with the Technology Alliances Program, we’ve added many great new partners who bring industry-leading technologies and solutions to the Dremio ecosystem, helping our customers build their own next-generation lakehouse platform.

Additionally, we continue to focus on making partnering with Dremio as straightforward as possible. To do this, we’ve made it easy for partners to easily access Dremio APIs, SDKs, drivers, and software licenses to create connectors, plug-ins, and other innovations. In addition to the technical benefits of the Dremio Technology Alliances Program, partners also have the ability to do joint marketing and execute sales campaigns with Dremio, all focused on helping customers solve their problems and get value from their data.

If you’d like to learn more about our Technology Alliances Program, check out our program guide.

Dremio Consulting & SI Partners

With today’s announcement of the Dremio Partner Network, we are also officially launching our Consulting & SI Partner Program, extending Dremio’s reach in the market, and enhancing our ability to provide value-added joint solutions to our customers. Over the past few months, we’ve spoken with many SIs, and it’s clear that they’re looking for industry-leading technology, and a company that’s easy to deal with and truly committed to their success.

With our newly-launched Consulting & SI Partner Program, Dremio provides an easy way for consulting & SI partners to develop, sell, and deliver solutions leveraging Dremio. I am so excited to have a great set of Partners who are eager to bring Dremio technology to customers!

As we’ve been preparing for the Dremio Partner Network launch, it’s been great to hear from existing and new Partners about what it’s like to work with Dremio. The feedback has been really positive, and we’re grateful. But, don’t take my word for it - check out these amazing videos of what our partners have to say about Dremio:





So, to sum up, with the launch of the Dremio Partner Network, partners of all types are able easily engage with Dremio, whether it’s for cloud-based services, innovative joint technology and solutions innovations, or value-added solutions deployed in customer environments. We’re so excited about what we’ve accomplished, but everyone here at Dremio knows that we’re really just at the beginning. My team and I are committed to continuing to build out our Partner ecosystem, to help our customers get all the value they can from their data.

Join us on our partner journey! Learn more about the Dremio Partner Network here.



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