3 minute read · February 15, 2019

How Hotmart Uses Dremio To Gain Insights From Data, Faster

Lucio Daza

Lucio Daza · Director of Technical Marketing, Dremio

The Company

Hotmart provides an entire ecosystem that allows digital producers to create content and sell it online. Since their start in 2011, Hotmart has provided services to over 1.3 million customers, which have been able to share their 108k+ products with over 3.7+ million buyers.

The Brazil-headquartered company has a global with offices in Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, and Spain, providing coverage to over 188 countries.

At Hotmart, users can create and sell any kind of digital products ranging from online courses and audiobooks to e-magazines. Hotmart also provides a platform that allows users to distribute content, manage memberships and manage the monetization of their products through a secure and robust payment platform.

The Problem

Hotmart is a fast-growing company; the rapid growth of their customer base has been contributing to their data challenges. Customer transaction information comes from different sources in large volumes, resulting in microservices that store data in MongoDB, applications that store data in Amazon Redshift, ETL jobs that are stored in MySQL, and other data stored in Elasticsearch, Amazon S3 and many other systems.

This scenario triggered the following question: How can we make data available to our users in one place, regardless of where it is stored?

The Solution

Dremio introduces a new model for data analytics: the Data Lake Engine. Business users can easily discover, curate, and share data from any source, then analyze with their favorite tools, all without being dependent on IT. Dremio provides native, optimized connectivity for any data source, including relational, NoSQL, and Hadoop, as well as cloud sources like S3, making all your data seem like it is in a single high-performance relational database. Dremio’s patented Data Reflections accelerate queries so that even the largest datasets can be analyzed at interactive speed.

Hotmart has been able to take advantage of Dremio’s Data-as-a-Service platform to join every one of their data sources into a single source where data consumers can have interactive access to it regardless of where it is stored. As a result, they can analyze this data using Power BI and also Hotmart’s proprietary BI analytics tool “Data Repository”, at the speed of thought.

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The Outcome

Hotmart’s engineering team built Data Repository with the goal of allowing any data consumer in their enterprise to write queries and create their own visualizations. Now, thanks to Dremio, Data Repository users can connect to the Dremio cluster through JDBC and access their Spaces and virtual datasets without the intervention of the IT department.

Using Dremio, Hotmart has been successfully able to break the status quo that data from different sources has to be moved, copied and then blended through a complex and costly ETL process to then be served to the consumer. And through the use of Dremio Data Reflections stored in Amazon S3, Hotmart is now able to analyze large amounts of data in a matter of seconds instead of hours.

If you would like to learn how Dremio can help you solve your data challenges and gain insights from your data, faster, we invite you to register at Dremio University, a learning platform where you will be able to try and learn more about Dremio regarding your level of expertise.

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