Preeti Kodikal

Product Marketing Director, Dremio

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Preeti Kodikal's Articles and Resources

Blog Post

Data Engineers, Here’s What You’ve Been Waiting For!

Data engineers and data teams have been expected to do the impossible for the past several years. Data and data analytics architectures have changed continuously and drastically over the past few years and decades. Although these architectures have modernized from traditional data warehouses to data lakes and data lakehouse architectures, the remnants of past technologies […]


Blog Post

Optimal Data Management using a cloud SQL Lakehouse Platform

Learn about the challenges of data management and how the Dremio SQL Lakehouse Platform provides solutions in this age of infinite data and user expectations.


Blog Post

Is Your Data on S3? 21 Reasons Why Dremio Is the Best SQL Engine for You!

Read this blog to learn why Dremio is your best choice for querying your data directly from AWS S3!


Blog Post

Open Data Architecture: Companies Accelerate Queries and Time to Insight by 30x

Learn how companies accelerate queries and time to insight by 30x with modern open data architecture


Blog Post

5 Limitations of Data Warehouses in Today’s World of Infinite Data

In today’s world of unimaginable data explosion, the 5 severe limitations of data warehouses just do not meet the needs of modern-day apps and user expectations


Blog Post

Eliminate Expensive Data Copies with a SQL Lakehouse Platform

Best practices to eliminate expensive data copies with a SQL lakehouse platform.

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