4 minute read · December 2, 2021

Optimal Data Management using a cloud SQL Lakehouse Platform

Preeti Kodikal

Preeti Kodikal · Product Marketing Director, Dremio

Effective Data Management is the key to success

Information is a competitive weapon and the most valuable asset for most organizations. Nowadays, companies increasingly compete on the effectiveness of their data and information systems to make better business decisions.

Hence, having the right data management strategy and data analytics architecture has become a business imperative to optimize operational efficiency - and ultimately maximize the company’s bottom line.

Today, enterprises are storing near-infinite amounts of data, as cloud data lake storage has become increasingly cheap. Also, organizations are modernizing to catch up with the speed of unimaginable and almost limitless amounts of data are created by modern-day apps and users daily.

According to Tomer Shiran, the founder and CPO of Dremio, our vision at Dremio is to make corporate data as easy to access and use as personal data. Dremio has literally revolutionized the way many think about mission-critical BI and self-service data access.

Key data management challenges

  • Architectural and process inefficiencies:

    Organizations are realizing the inefficiencies that are built into the inherent architecture and processes such as ETL/ELT pipelines and multiple redundant data copies that stem from age-old technologies such as proprietary data warehouses, and the exorbitant costs and dependencies associated with these.

  • Vendor lock-in:

    Companies have started moving away from proprietary data warehouse architectures that have a multitude of flaws and incredibly time-consuming, expensive and complex data management systems that are difficult to create and maintain.

  • Sky-rocketing TCO:

    Organizations have struggled not only because of data drift and data inconsistencies, but also because of the unimaginably high TCO associated with maintaining data warehouses and getting their data in and out of the warehouses.

Solutions to improve data management in this new age of nearly infinite data

  • New paradigms to manage data optimally:

    As Kevin Petrie, from the Eckerson Research Group, rightly mentions in his blog, as enterprises move to the cloud, they are embracing cloud data platforms such as the SQL data lakehouse platform - that merges elements of the data warehouse and data lake. Read this blog to understand how a lakehouse combines the performance and optimization of a data warehouse with the flexibility of a data lake.

  • Lakehouse architecture to eliminate unnecessary pipelines and data copies:

    Organizations are tired of slow-running queries and dashboards and realizing the incredible cost efficiencies and infinite scalability associated with new, revolutionary technologies such as the Dremio SQL Lakehouse Platform. Dremio Cloud is a fully managed SQL lakehouse platform. It enables high-performing BI dashboards and interactive analytics directly on cloud data lake storage through seamless integrations with Tableau, Power BI and other BI tools.

  • New technologies usher in unprecedented efficiencies:

    Enterprises are realizing that there are technologies such as Dremio Cloud that offer revolutionary benefits such as:

    • Lightning-fast parallel queries directly on data lakes
    • Sub-second response time without creating ETL, ELT and expensive data copies
    • Better price performance
    • Data teams need not waste time on software installation or upgrades
    • No complex sizing exercises
    • No worrying about paying during idle time.

Read more about our Dremio Cloud solution here.

As data explodes infinitely and as user expectations increase exponentially in this new age of cloud apps and users, enterprises really need to give a very careful thought and chalk out a well-planned strategy for data management and analytics. Modernizing open data analytics architectures and being present and future-ready is the only option available for companies to cope with the fast pace of growth and change in the world of data, where information holds the key to success!

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