Misra Turp

Data Scientist and Content Creator, So you want to be a data scientist?

After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in computer science in Turkey, Misra Turp moved to the Netherlands to attend a master’s degree program specializating in big data engineering. Fresh out of college, she started her career as a data scientist at IBM, working in the finance and energy industry. While at IBM, she got a lot of questions from aspiring data scientists about how they could start their data science careers. To answer their questions she started a blog titled, “So you want to be a data scientist?”. This grew into a full-blown platform with videos, blog posts, a podcast, and online courses to serve the data science community. After a brief period working in the healthcare industry, she began to focus solely on her blog site full-time. Today, she creates online courses to help beginners learn data science and deep learning and also published content on YouTube and her website.

Misra Turp's Articles and Resources

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