Forbes: Can Dremio Finally Deliver On The Promise of Self-Service Data

November 7, 2017

Forbes covered Dremio’s vision for Self-Service Data in a detailed, in-depth article called Can Dremio Finally Deliver On The Promise Of Self-Service Data?. The article is fairly long and somewhat technical, but it gives a great introduction as to why Dremio matters, and why now is such an important time to make data self-service.

As the author notes, “If you look over the history of technology, there has been so much money, time, and energy devoted to storing and retrieving data. In the last 10 years there has been an explosion of database innovation and it shows no signs of stopping.” And a little later, “ IT or whoever controls the means of combining and delivering data can never keep up with the requests to extract and combine data. In addition, the assembled working sets are never right because the sticky knowledge required to define the exact right set of data is hard to boil down into requirements. You need to bang away a bit and do some revisions, and that makes an intermediated process take forever.”

We of course loved this quote from our CEO, Tomer Shiran:

“It’s surprising — the industry has been steadily moving backwards in terms of self-service. Ten years ago we were celebrating the fact that data consumers finally had a way to do BI themselves with tools like Qlik and Tableau,” said Shiran. “Since then, we’ve seen a similar era unfold, but for developers, where AWS transformed IT by making infrastructure self-service. Meanwhile, with the adoption of Hadoop, NoSQL, and cloud services, data analytics has become more dependent on IT than ever, and BI users and data scientists are underutilized as a result. Dremio is all about making data self-service for analysts and data scientists in the same way that AWS makes infrastructure self-service for developers.”

We won’t spoil the fun of reading the whole article, but love that Dan acknowledges “Dremio has created an implementation that can cast a massively wide net and include a huge variety of data and also deliver the queries in a high performance manner.”


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