DBTA: Experts Offer 6 Predictions for IoT in 2020

December 24, 2019

Tomer Shiran - Dremio CEO shares with us via this DBTA article how IoT data will finally become queryable. Here’s the highlight:

“The explosion of IoT devices has created a flood of data typically landing in data lake storage such as AWS S3 and Microsoft ADLS as the system of record. But while capturing and storing IoT data is easy, the semi-structured nature of IoT data makes it difficult to process and use: data engineers are forced to build and maintain complex, and often brittle, data pipelines to enrich IoT data, add context to it, and accelerate it. Software AG has stepped in to tackle this problem head on with their Cumulocity IoT Data Hub, and we predict in 2020IoT data will be directly queryable at high performance via business intelligence, self-service analytic, machine learning, or SQL-based tools.”

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