Analytics Week: 2018 Trends In Self Service: Data Science And Business Intelligence

December 21, 2017

Our VP of Strategy, Kelly Stirman, was quoted a number of times in Analytics Week’s predictions for 2018 related to self service analytics. You can read more about it in 2018 Trends in Self Service: Data Science and Business Intelligence.

The key topic is the rise of the Data Curator role:

“Alternatively, the data curator role has arisen to address the need for transformation. According to Dremio Chief Marketing Officer Kelly Stirman, curators are business users who both understand domain needs for data and IT concepts to “facilitate the exchange of information between the IT and business to allow each party to focus on what they do best.” In terms of preparing data for consumption, they leverage any variety of visual transformation tools that “lets you look at the data and make those transformations by applying functions and clicking buttons, rather than writing code,” Stirman added. Other trends in data curation include transforming data into virtual copies, which circumscribes the complexity and number of physical data copies.”

As well as the importance of a central Data Catalog:

“The correlation between data discovery and exploratory analytics is underscored by the fact that the former denotes in which datasets users should parse for answers to particular questions. In this regards the data discovery process is the point of inception for exploratory analytics, especially when organizations leverage contemporary index cataloging methods to accelerate searches. According to Stirman, “The idea of a catalog for all of your data sources that makes it easy to search and find things, but also gives you the ability to annotate and enrich your sense of what those sources mean, that’s a core part of the self-service vision as well.” Of particular use in this regard is the ability to notate influential connotations, functions, and capabilities of datasets.”

Happy Holidays and see you in 2018!

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