Dremio Partner & Supplier Code of Ethics

This Dremio Partner & Supplier Code of Ethics was last updated January 2022.

Dremio Corporation (the “Company” or “Dremio”) has adopted a Code of Business Conduct and Ethics to aid the Company’s directors, officers, employees and consultants in making ethical and legal decisions when conducting the Company’s business and performing their day-to-day duties. To support this code, the Company expects suppliers and partners of Dremio to adhere to high ethical standards, and has adopted this Partner & Supplier Code of Ethics (this “Code”) to reinforce this. 

The Company’s partners & suppliers generally have other legal and contractual obligations to the Company. This Code is not intended to reduce or limit the other obligations that you may have to the Company. 


Partners & suppliers are expected to follow all laws and regulations, and in particular: 

  • Assist the Company in maintaining compliance with international trade restrictions, anti-corruption rules, and anti-money laundering regulations, including the US FCPA and the UK Bribery Act.
  • Avoid conflicts of interest, including not trading on insider information.
  • Protect Company assets and confidential information.
  • Comply with data protection and privacy laws.
  • Maintain accurate records.
  • Promote a safe, equitable and inclusive working environment.
  • Follow all applicable environmental laws and minimize impact on the environment.

Questions or concerns related to this Code, and compliance with it, should be reported to [email protected], or writing anonymously to the Company’s outside counsel Goodwin Procter LLP, Attn: Dremio Corporation Partner, 135 Commonwealth Dr, Menlo Park, CA 94025, USA.

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