5 minute read · May 2, 2024

Dremio is Accelerating Analytics and AI: Exciting New Capabilities and Announcements from Subsurface LIVE!

The Dremio Unified Analytics Platform for Analytics and AI hosted our 6th Annual Subsurface Live event this week - the only event dedicated to Lakehouse learning. We are excited to share a few of the exciting announcements, developments, and new capabilities!

Dremio for Every Environment

Dremio has always been the most flexible lakehouse deployment, with Dremio Cloud on AWS and Azure, and Dremio Software for cloud, hybrid, and on-premises architectures. New partner-driven collaborations now enable complete lakehouse flexibility for Core, Edge, Cloud, Sovereign, and uniquely demanding Air Gapped environments. VAST Data and Dremio announced the first Zero Trust lakehouse platform; and  Dremio, with partner STACKIT, is enabling German and European organizations to meet staunch data residency requirements by delivering a fully-managed open lakehouse platform service for those geographies.

Expanded Open Source Capabilities

Dremio has always been foundationally built-on and committed to open source. Our Dremio Cloud Lakehouse Management service already offers a fully-managed Apache Iceberg Data Catalog built on Nessie. We are excited to announce that Dremio now incorporates Nessie in Dremio Software, our self-managed solution. Now, users of both Dremio Cloud and Dremio Software will be able to benefit from Nessie to  simplify  data engineering with Git-like workflows on lakehouse data.  Dremio Software users who use Nessie as their Iceberg catalog can run production workloads with end-to-end support from Dremio and use a variety of engines to read and write data in Nessie, including Dremio, Spark, and Flink. 

Easier-to-Use and Increasingly Autonomous

As the fastest SQL engine for Iceberg, Dremio delivers sub-second BI on all your data, enabled by Reflections Query Acceleration technology. We want to make it even easier for all users to benefit from Reflections acceleration. Dremio continues to move closer to realizing autonomous Reflections, with recommendations capabilities to ensure optimal use of query acceleration on datasets, scheduled Reflections to ensure most up-to-date data access, incremental updates to streamline management and reduce cost, and a path toward autonomous and Live Reflections so that you can benefit from the fastest query acceleration with no management required.

More GenAI Capabilities for Faster Insight

Dremio’s growing suite of Generative AI capabilities makes it easier to discover and analyze data with Dremio. GenAI Text-to-SQL allows any user to query data by simply asking a question, while  advanced GenAI-driven data descriptions and labeling make data discovery and curation fast, easy, and accurate. 

Always Faster and More Flexible: Now with Graviton

As part of Dremio’s mission to provide users with the best TCO and lowest cost solutions, we are also excited to announce support for AWS Graviton in Preview. We expect this to deliver an incredible 30%+ performance boost and 30% cost savings to Graviton engine users. The new Graviton engine configurations will also deliver significantly faster spin-up times, enhancing overall performance. 

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Day 1 Keynotes

Many of these capabilities are available now!  Watch the full keynote here. If you’re already a Dremio Software customer, it’s easy to upgrade. Visit our Support Portal to download the latest version. Dremio Cloud Users, simply log in to get started!  Not yet a Dremio user? Visit the Get Started page to find offerings for Dremio Cloud or Dremio Software. Also, you can check-out Subsurface on-demand content here. Get the full scoop on all of the news we released at the show here.

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