8 minute read · March 26, 2024

Dremio Cloud Delivers Market-Leading Unified Lakehouse Platform on Microsoft Azure 

Dremio Cloud on Microsoft Azure brings your users closer to the data with lakehouse flexibility, scalability, and performance at a fraction of the cost of traditional data warehouses. With the availability of Dremio Cloud on Azure, companies can now take full advantage of a next-generation analytical architecture that eliminates traditional software management pain and drives higher performance, faster business insight, and lower TCO. 

The Challenge

Like many organizations today, you are likely experiencing some pain managing your analytical environment, particularly concerning its scalability and performance. It hinders your ability to obtain the right business insight when you need it. Simultaneously, you face the complexity and effort associated with managing software and infrastructure. This management complexity necessitates deep product knowledge to set everything up correctly, as well as the manual work required to scale capacity and optimize performance. You also need to manage and implement all software configuration changes, upgrades, and backups, which are all difficult and time-consuming tasks. Dremio Cloud lets you simplify and scale your infrastructure on Azure, so you can focus on analytics.

Market-Leading Performance

Dremio Cloud on Azure, built on Apache Arrow, offers fast and scalable query performance for analytical workloads. Dremio Cloud delivers unparalleled throughput and rapid response times on Azure Data Lake Storage (ADLS).  Columnar Cloud Cache (C3)  boosts query performance dramatically by dynamically caching frequently used data in an in-memory cache located on the Dremio cluster nodes. Paired with Reflections, our cutting-edge technology to accelerate analytic queries, Dremio delivers sub-second response times for BI workloads. Dremio eliminates the necessity for BI extracts and cubes, giving your users the ability to gain quicker business insights with reduced complexity and effort.

Robust Iceberg  Lakehouse Management

Dremio Cloud also enables Apache Iceberg Lakehouse Management on Azure, with features like "Git for Data," our Git-inspired versioning capabilities. Git-for-Data lets you quickly version your data, with virtual data branches managed in isolation. You can use the lakehouse management capabilities to easily create zero-copy clones of production data in seconds for development, testing, data science, experimentation, and more. At the same time, lakehouse management enhances the overall governance of your data lake. With lakehouse management, you can easily track all changes to the data and metadata. Every branch you create in Dremio Cloud on Azure includes a full audit of commits, making it easy to identify who made changes and when. You can also commit any data changes back to your main production branch, if desired.  Git-for-Data simplifies data management by eliminating expensive data copies and reducing governance risk. 

Dremio Cloud also includes the industry’s only Apache Iceberg-native Modern Data Catalog. Dremio’s Data Catalog takes automates integrated Iceberg capabilities, like data optimization, compaction, and vacuuming, eliminating manual, tedious tasks required to manage the lakehouse. 

Dremio’s Data Catalog makes it easy to manage multiple data domains and data products,  providing data teams with centralized security and governance. 

Image 1 - (Git for data)

A Next-Generation Architecture 

Dremio Cloud on Azure delivers a next-generation architecture designed to  deliver infrastructure flexibility with the highest level of data security. We do not require that you move your data into our Azure tenant, unlike other SaaS analytical solutions on Azure. By keeping your critical business data stored in your own Azure tenant, in storage such as Azure Data Lake Storage (ADLS), you are truly in control of your own data. 

At the same time, Dremio Cloud  offers end-to-end TLS encryption. It ensures that sensitive data remains confidential, safeguarding against unauthorized access and eavesdropping. By verifying the integrity of data in transit, Dremio Cloud on Azure  mitigates the risk of tampering and ensures that information reaches its destination securely. 

The Dremio Cloud on Azure architecture is built to meet dynamically changing business demands. You no longer have to worry about manual work or intervention to scale capacity. With Dremio Cloud, we automatically scale resources in both the coordinator and executor nodes based on user concurrency or resource usage. This assures that your users always have enough resources to meet their changing analytical needs."

Image 2 -  (Next Generation Architecture.)

Zero Downtime Upgrades 

With many existing lakehouse environments, users can experience downtime when system management tasks occur. Dremio Cloud on Azure offers reliability and continuity to analytical environments. With zero downtime for both control plane and executor node patches and upgrades, you maintain uninterrupted operations while ensuring systems are always up-to-date and secure. There is no interruption in the ability to query, guaranteeing users constant access to their data and insights. 

Eliminating Management Pain 

At Dremio, we are committed to making our solution simple to use,  while also automating management tasks.  With Dremio Cloud on Azure, you don’t need to acquire  hardware, configure servers, install  software, or manage security. Dremio Cloud automates management tasks like infrastructure management, manual upgrades, certificate creation, backups, and system tuning. This allows data teams to concentrate on analytics to extract valuable insights without the burden of managing their analytical environment.

Flexible Consumption-Based Pricing 

Dremio Cloud on Azure offers consumption-based pricing, providing organizations with flexibility and cost-effectiveness in managing their data analytics workloads. Simply pre-purchase a pool of Dremio Cloud Units (DCUs), and allocate resources based on their anticipated needs. DCUs are consumed based on compute engine size and processing time, with processing time measured on a per-second basis. This ensures that you only pay for what you use. Transparent usage reporting allows for clear visibility into resource utilization and facilitates accurate cost tracking. Crucially, DCUs are applied exclusively for utilized workloads, resulting in decreased costs during periods of lower activity. This flexible pricing model ensures seamless performance without unnecessary expenditure. Dremio Cloud on Azure can simplify your capacity planning and budgeting process,  letting you optimize resources effectively, driving efficiency, and maximizing the value derived from your data analytics initiatives.

Image 3 - (Usage Dashboard)

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