Russell Spitzer

Software Engineer, Apple

Russell Spitzer received his Ph.D from UCSF in 2013 after performing a lot of comparisons of protein binding sites. Following that, he became deeply invested in distributed computing and involved in several Apache projects. While working at DataStax, he became a key contributor to the DataStax Spark-Cassandra Connector, and he also worked on both of those (and other) Apache projects. More recently, he has been involved with the Apache Iceberg project and has devoted most of his time to data file management and advancing the table format. Currently, Russell is a PMC member of the Apache Iceberg project.

Russell Spitzer's Articles and Resources

Subsurface Session

The State of Apache Iceberg

In this panel on Apache Iceberg, Iceberg developers will discuss the recent developments in Iceberg, exciting new use cases enabled by these developments, and the future of the project. We will also discuss how developers can benefit from open table…

Subsurface Session

Managing Data Files In Apache Iceberg

Everything was going great: your data was in your data lake, queries were fast, and the SREs were happy. But then things started to slow down. Queries took longer, even specific queries which used to be fast now take a…

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