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Tableau on Data Lakes

Dremio accelerates your data lakes for Tableau. Solutions for Hadoop, S3, ADLS, Elasticsearch, and more.


Data Lakes Are A Real Challenge

Tableau works best when all your data is in a single, high performance relational database. But if you're like most companies, your data is spread across many systems, some relational, but increasingly non-relational systems too.

Hadoop HDFS and S3 store huge volumes of structured and unstructured data in a range of different formats. And these systems have no limited abilities to process queries quickly. As a result, you need to copy the data into a relational database to deliver the interactive experience your Tableau users expect.

Newer technologies like MongoDB and Elasticsearch manage data in JSON documents. These are rich data structures that limit what Tableau does best. In addition, operational systems tend to perform poorly for analytical workloads, which can negatively impact their ability to meet demanding SLAs of the business.

What Are Your Options?

You could build a data warehouse, but these projects take many months to complete, are expensive, and complex to maintain. Data staging, ETL, data marts, cubes. It's a massive undertaking.

Tableau on Data Lakes

Dremio Is The Missing Link For Data Lakes

Dremio simplifies and accelerates access to your data lakes, no matter what format it's stored. Dremio runs between your favorite BI tools and your data lakes, without compromising any of the features you rely on for reporting and visualization.

Accelerates Data From The Most Popular Systems

Dremio takes the queries from your favorite BI tools and rewrites them, using the query language of the data source.

Learn more about how Dremio unlocks these data sources for Tableau:

Makes Your Analytics Future Proof

Five years ago most companies weren't using Hadoop, S3, ADLS, MongoDB, or Elasticsearch. Over the next five years, technologies will continue to evolve. Dremio makes your analytics future proof. Your developers can pick the right technology for building strategic apps, and no matter what they use Dremio will let your analysts keep using their favorite BI tools. It unlocks access to any technology, accelerates your data, and makes your analysts more productive, today and into the future.

Accelerates Your Time To Insight

Typically your analysts are waiting for data as it moves from the source, through ETL, into the data warehouse, data marts, and eventually into cubes. With Dremio, your analysts can experience Self Service Data. They can use their favorite tools to connect to any data source immediately, without waiting on IT to move data through complex pipelines. Dremio makes your data fast, so queries are always interactive.

Not Using Tableau? No Problem.

Dremio works with any BI tool or SQL client. If you're using PowerBI, Qlik, or advanced tools like Python and R, Dremio provides all the same great benefits. Use Dremio's drivers for ODBC or JDBC to interact with all of your data, at any scale.