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Semantic Layer

Empower governed, self-service data access for data analysts and data scientists, with consistent semantics across all users, applications, and tools.

Shared Semantic Layer for All Users & Tools

Empower self-service data access for data analysts and data scientists while centralizing security and governance.
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Governed, Self-Service Data Access

Why wait weeks to create the dashboards you need in order to derive value from your data?

Dremio’s semantic layer empowers data analysts and data scientists to discover, curate, analyze, and share datasets in a self-service manner.

Consistent View of Data for All Users and Tools

Why define isolated definitions of data, calculated fields, and virtual datasets in individual BI tools where they can’t be used by your teammates?

You can use Dremio’s semantic layer to create dataset definitions, calculated fields, and security rules that can be leveraged by any downstream application.

Transparent Query Acceleration

Unsure of which view of data you should connect your dashboards to in order to get the performance you need?

With Dremio’s semantic layer, you don’t have to worry about connecting to various materialized views in order to make your dashboards run fast. Simply create dashboards and reports on the tables you want, and the Dremio query optimizer will work behind the scenes to accelerate your queries.

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The New Data Tier

Learn how the new data tier brings data warehousing capabilities to the data lake and enables net-new capabilities that data warehouses cannot provide.

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