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Bring your queries directly to your data in cloud object storage, and we’ll take care of the rest!

Dremio Cloud is a true SaaS experience. You don’t need to install, configure or monitor software. You don’t need to collect log files or ssh into machines. Dremio Cloud is always there for you, and we'll make it better and faster by the week, without you ever having to worry about versions and upgrades.

Query Acceleration

Dremio Cloud uniquely enables BI workloads of all kinds, including mission-critical dashboards and interactive analytics, directly on data lake storage.

With query acceleration technologies like data reflections and columnar cloud cache (C3), it’s possible to achieve dashboard-level response times directly on data lake storage, without having to copy the data into warehouses, marts, extracts or cubes.
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Workload Isolation

Dremio Cloud features a multi-engine architecture where queries are assigned to different engines based on routing rules or user selection.

All engines are physically isolated, so concurrent workloads never interrupt one another. Analysts don’t have to worry about noisy neighbors, and you don’t have to worry about anyone’s ad-hoc queries impacting the CEO’s dashboards.
Architectural diagram of control plane and engines

Global Control With Infinite Scale

Dremio Cloud features a centralized control plane that you and your users can access irrespective of the cloud provider and regions that you’re using. You can centrally manage users, security, integrations, and more. One pane of glass makes data management easier, especially for global companies with large data footprints.

In addition, the control plane’s microservices architecture auto-scales so that it can plan and optimize millions of queries in parallel, and the engines in the execution plane auto-replicate to execute workloads of any concurrency.

Governed, Self-Service Data Access

Say goodbye to data sprawl and inconsistent reports.

With Dremio’s semantic layer, you can deliver a consistent view of your data across all users and tools, with automatic, transparent query acceleration. In addition, you can easily implement fine-grained access control to regulate who can access data.

Cost Efficiency and Control

With Dremio Cloud, you only pay for what you use. Engines automatically start and stop replicas based on the real-time workload, and you pay nothing during idle times.

While Dremio Cloud scales infinitely, your spend doesn’t, because we make it easy to set limits. In addition, you can easily understand who’s consuming what through built-in and custom usage reports, and drill down by job, user, engine and project.

Best-in-Class Client Integrations

Leverage native Dremio Cloud connectors in your favorite BI tools, such as Tableau and Power BI, that support securely identifying end users with OAuth 2.0-based single-sign-on. Data scientists can achieve 20x faster performance than ODBC and JDBC through Dremio Cloud’s Arrow Flight interface.

Enterprise-Grade Security

With Dremio Cloud, your data stays under your control in your own cloud storage buckets, with all data and communication encrypted.

In addition, Dremio is SOC 2 compliant, integrates with common identity providers like Azure Active Directory, Okta, and Google, and allows you to grant privileges on any object or dataset to users and roles.

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