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Simplify BI and achieve fast time to insights with a fully-managed, cloud-native Dremio service.

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High-Performance Lakehousing Without the Effort

  • Fully-managed service

    Focus on insights instead of administration with a fully-managed Dremio service.

  • Infinite, on-demand scale

    Autoscale compute to meet the needs of your workloads, and pay only for what you use.

  • Enterprise-grade security

    Keep your data safe in your cloud account, under your control.

  • Seamless client tool integrations

    Empower analysts with native connectors with various client tools, including OAuth 2.0-based connectors to Tableau and Power BI.

  • Unified semantic layer

    Deliver a consistent view of data and business metrics for all downstream tools with Dremio’s semantic layer.

  • Interactive BI performance

    Power mission-critical dashboards directly on cloud object storage, without having to copy data into data warehouses or BI tools.


Explore Key Dremio Product Capabilities

Query Engine

The only engine built from the ground up to deliver high-performing BI dashboards and interactive analytics directly on data lake storage.

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Semantic Layer

Empower governed, self-service data access for data analysts and data scientists, with a consistent view of data across all users, applications, and tools.

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Security & Compliance

Deliver insights safely with security built-in at every layer, from end-to-end data encryption to passwordless authentication.

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Unlimited Concurrency

Tackle multiple concurrent workloads and support the needs of thousands of analysts with an elastic, multi-engine architecture that scales infinitely.

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